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TESTIMONIALS * picking a few to share

Hi Laura:

I’m sure you are used to being told how amazing what you do is, but it probably doesn’t get old, so I will tell you again!  You are fantastic indeed! This whole aspect of  communicating with other species that we co-exist with is really exciting to me, I want to know more.  You are welcome on our show any time and thanks so much for being a stellar guest.

warmest hugs………..

PS  Jazz has been strutting his stuff all night, he’s so proud to have been consulted!


hi laura…thanks sooooo much for your time today…i absolutely loved every minute of listening to you and my animals…i cannot thank you enough….be well..gay


Hi Laura!
Invaluable as ever!
Thanks so much…

Thank you for your session with my four dogs and two fosters. I already made the changes they asked for and amazingly, Diamond immediately stopped pooping inside and behaves frustrated, not distressed, when I need to go out of sight. The “Dog in the Sky” was an amazing explanation and Angel had a strange expression the rest of the day, as if she wasn’t sure if she might be in trouble. She got lots of love and praise for sharing so we can help her and was reassured. I am also looking into dog training for Rexa–who already has excellent manners!–so she can be exposed to others who have dogs and will fall in love with her and take her home. As she asked.
Thank you so much. There really are no words that can express my gratitude adequately. I also sent your suggestions for Angel to her behaviorist/trainer so we can implement them. What a blessing your gift is, and how inspiring!  Christy


Hi Laura:
Thank you again for talking to my group.  I love hearing what they have to say.  You have such an amazing gift and it is so wonderful that you use it to help so many animals.  – Rebecca


Laura, I met you last Sat at Noah’s Apothecary. I just wanted to express to you how very right on you were in what you translated for me from my two cats.

I don’t know if you’ll remember, but my 12yo male cat asked what it was that I had hung in my window. And you and I couldn’t get it figured out. You asked me to let you know if I solved the puzzle. When I got home I looked at my bedroom window and burst out laughing. I had entirely forgotten I had hung a long fly paper strip! So from now on whenever I make any changes, even the smallest, I will be sure to explain to my family what I’ve done and why.

I also wanted to tell you that you said that my younger cat expressed that I should have a walking stick with me on the property. I should have taken her advice more seriously because the next day the rooster attacked me.

Thanks again! I recommend you to all my friends who have animal companions! – Joanie


Just wanted to tell you what a big change in BJ.  That very day he started using his litter box.  -PH

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