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What do animals notice about their people?

Paddington, Cookie, & Noodle

Cookie (Golden Retriever):  I notice that even though my mom (person) gets really tired, it doesn’t stop her from having fun with the children or the pets.  She always puts others before herself.”

Cloe (cat):  “I notice that my new person tries hard to make sure I eat right.  I don’t know why it matters so much, but if she wants me to like the taste of food a lot then I will start thinking about food more.”

Maverick (Bunny):  “My mom always wakes up looking beautiful and feeling good.  By the end of the day she may be tired, but in the morning she is at her best.”

Whiley (Sheep):  “I notice that my mom loves so many animals that we have friends that are different species.  It would be strange just to hang out with your own kind.  My mom is like queen of our animal farm.”

Honey (yellow Labrador):  “My dad has endless energy.  He never stops believing in the good of people or in what he can accomplish.  There is not that many people like him.  He is determined to succeed.”

Belvedere (Basset):  “I notice my dad gets angry at words.  I don’t know why other people’s words make him so mean.”

Joey (cat):  “I notice that my mom gets scared of the future even though it looks bright.”

Thomas (horse):  “He is my trainer and I notice that he always has to feel like others think he is the best.  He doesn’t even really think he is the best, but he likes others to believe he is.  It’s not for his ego.  It is just for his survival.  Oh and I also notice sometimes he likes be away from the ranch.  He gets tired here, but late at night he comes in the barn because deep inside he knows he was once a horse.”


Noodle (Poodle):  “I notice that my mom is more lovely than most.”

Rosey (Britney Spaniel): “I notice my mom and dad are happiest when they are driving in the country.”

Tanner (Labrador):  “I notice that sometimes my mom is sad and if I give her a big eyed look at get her to play she forgets to be sad.”

Cali (Horse): “I notice my child is my best friend and notices everything I need and want.  I notice she is different and more special than most children.  I notice she gets scared of grownups because she sees what they are really thinking.  I notice she is more like us than like them.”

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