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Hi Laura,
You have given me a new appreciation for my animals’ thoughts, concerns and the humor they can share!
Here are some changes I have made, based on your conversations with my cats:
A change in food so that Twisted Sister does not have itchy skin anymore.
Six Pack asked for a “pocket bed” under the bed in my room. I put a small, fluffy folded cat comforter under the bed. She sleeps in it all day long!
Whiz Bang said the catwalk was too slippery. I attached carpet to it. Now the cats spend more time on it and Twisted Sister actually runs sprints up there!
Whiz Bang has stopped annoying Twisted Sister and they spend more time together than before.
Six Pack does not annoy Twisted Sister as often as she used to. When I point out their similarities, like all the cats like to lay in the sunshine, Six Pack is impressed with the concept.
Whiz Bang is experiencing pain in his neck or back. He has an appointment with a chiropractic vet this week.
Party Time has a very sensitive and nervous personality. I am arranging a session with a horse massage therapist who can do Tellington Touch.
Thanks for your insight! I am practicing my animal communication skills every day!
All the Best,

Hi Laura,
A few weeks ago my cat Whiz Bang told you that he had pain in his neck. He visited a chiropractic vet yesterday and she showed me where he was very tight. She did acupuncture and an adjustment and it is easy to feel the difference in his neck and upper back muscles. He loved it!
This vet is in Dallas and she uses a local animal communicator to help her get a better patient history from her animal patients.
Also, my horse-bully, Kenya, is improving. Last weekend she did not chase or threaten the other horses in the pasture when I was at the polo club. And there were no marks on her pasture-mates!! Usually there are bite marks or scrapes from when she terrorizes them.
Thanks for all your help in initiating such terrific changes for my animals! The horses are getting along more peacefully and Whiz Bang is pain-free!
All the Best,
I just want to thank you for talking with Moss last night. It was wonderful that he opened up to you. He obviously has been through so much in his first 6 years of life, and deserves a break. We hope to give him that. A loving forever home that he can be happy in for the rest of his days.
Pat bought string cheese on the way home and I had him sit a couple of times with it and he loved it. Thank you so much for the caring way you spoke to him. Letting him know it’s okay to relax and be a joyful member of our family. I know it will take baby steps, but we will see it through. He is such a wonderful boy, he just doesn’t know it yet…
Oh, also when I told Pat about Holly having mini-seizures he said he knew about it!!! Her owner, our neighbor Debbie told him about it a while back and he forgot to tell me.
Thank you again, and we will be in touch with Moss’s progress.
Much love,
Hi Laura,
Thanks you again for meeting with us yesterday. You have an amazing gift and I feel so much comfort knowing that ‘the girls’ know what is happening and they are communicating with each other.
All our love

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