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Timmy And Makia


During a phone consultation I was speaking to Timmy about traveling in the car.  His family was moving to a home twelve hours away. They said that during the last car ride Timmy yowled, threw up, pooped, and peed because of stress.

Timmy then informed me that my cat Makia had also joined in on the conversation.  He said, “I want to say that your cat says, ‘Don’t be scared.  You are being silly.  You might have a way cooler home than you do now.  It is always a surprise.’  She said, ‘Don’t stick your head to close to an open window, because the air will rush into you… Just sleep and imagine you are in your favorite place and be glad you have a person. I know cats that don’t.  Be calm and if you get scared go back in your carrier.”

Timmy’s person informed me that he did very well on the car ride and did exactly what Makia told him.  I have an assistant!

Makia is an experienced traveler!
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