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This is Turbo. He says from Heaven, “Heaven is beautiful. I feel like I can wiggle all the time…Mom, we are all happy here. I want to tell you that you have life pretty much worked out. Every day you should look in the mirror and love yourself. You should look in the mirror and say, ‘I love you. You are doing a good job at life.’ Then you should take a deep breath, stretch, and go to dance class.

Have some fun for yourself because, Mom, you deserve to be the happiest you can be and do things that you love to do. Sometimes I come around in birds and butterflies and all things that can fly, and I am white here and beautiful, and mommy, I want you to know just play. Wherever you are just play, and that will help make Riley (the dog in the house) healthier. I love you, mom. I love you.”

Our animals always have such wise advice. They try to teach us not to take life so seriously and instead have some fun. Joy is the frequency of health and well-being. We cant become healthy if we are not joyful.

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