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Little Birdy




Death, Dying and the Afterlife




Vlog #1:

Visit To Animal Farm



I have been asked to video log by some followers. So here is my first attempt. In this video I take my dogs to visit my friend Tina’s Animal Farm. We talk to turkeys, horses, sheep, goats…

Filmed on an iphone being held the wrong way (sorry) and edited by me. It is rough, but it is a day in the life of me.



Vlog #2:

Meet Laura’s Animals



Two dogs: Stormy and Luca

Two cats: Serafina and Makia

and bunny Bean.

Hear them talk about the beach, what they smell, their lives before Laura, their relationships and hear their advice to you.




Vlog #3

Laura Meets Old Animal Friends



Laura Stinchfield Pet Psychic / Animal Communicator visits old animal friends for the first time in six years. Friends include: Dot the cat, Lula the dog, Trouble Kitty the cat, Kimmie the horse, & Navi the horse. They talk about friendship, love, declawing cats, and how to care for horses.




Vlog #4

Rain Walk & Encounter With Coyote



Laura takes her dogs for a walk in the rain. Coyote! Learn how to explain to your animal about how coyotes can be dangerous.

Photos on this vlog by Jeff Muth. Check out more of his photos at: http://www.flickr.com/photos/jdmuth


Session with standard poodle Simone

and her dad E Vincent Martinez.

Atlanta, GA December 2011

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