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Walking In The Rain ~ Vlog #4 ~ coyote encounter


Laura takes her dogs for a walk in the rain. They have a run in with a Coyote! Learn how to explain to your animal about how coyotes can be dangerous.

Photos on this vlog by Jeff Muth. Check out more of his photos at: http://www.flickr.com/photos/jdmuth

warning: In this video the sound and focus is not good. I am sorry.

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2 thoughts on “Walking In The Rain ~ Vlog #4 ~ coyote encounter”

  1. Liked the vlog but a little bit worried about using the term ‘spaz’ because isn’t that a bit rude for spastic people?

    1. Hi Michelle, Maybe though I didnt mean it that way. My generation used that word a lot for someone who is being silly. I think of it as different definitions or two different words.

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