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Ever since I was a little child I always saw the good in everyone.  As my family walked down the streets of NY City my father would pull me away from smiling at the homeless and scold me to look forward.  When I was 13 and 14, I was sent off for a summer in France and then a summer in the Caribbean.   Before my departures my father gave me lectures on not talking to anyone I did not know.  Back then I thought he was judging people, but in reality he was trying to keep his little outgoing naïve child safe.  Over the years, I have learned the hard way that just because I see the good in people doesn’t mean they even see it themselves.  The last few weeks I have watched one of my best friends go through a wrong full death trial regarding the death of her daughter.  I was amazed at her strength and her honesty.  Her lawyers not only seeped power, but integrity, respect and passion for the truth and justice.  The lawyers on the defense lied and manipulated the facts.  To me, every lie stuck out like a neon sign on a new moon night, but unfortunately the rest of society does not have my freakish abilities.  My friend lost everything and it left me wondering, “What is Justice?  Who truly decides judgment?  Is it merely the jury, or a higher power, or both?” Here I ask some of our pets just these questions:


Zippy (my friend’s Chihuahua):  “This is a hard question.  I think that the outcome of any situation involves a lot of beings and their path to evolving.  Even though this judgment did not work out in my person’s favor a lot of people may change because of the process.  It doesn’t change the truth and it doesn’t change that my mom was wronged.  My mom is hurting, but the one thing that no one can take away from her is that she is strong, and beautiful, and loved.  Our loved ones that we lost are watching over us.  That they can’t take away”

Kit (my friends kitten):  “I don’t know much about these things because I am just learning about it myself, but I do know that there is something deep inside of all of us that knows what feels right and what feels wrong.  I would imagine that if you follow what feels right then everything will be ok.  One time I tried jumping off the counter to the table. Before I leaped, I noticed something inside of me didn’t feel right.  I didn’t make the table and I fell to the ground with a twisted back.  That is when I learned I should listen to what is deep inside of me.  That is what decides justice.  Maybe those strangers never learned that lesson.”


Justice (2.5 year old dog):  “Justice is my name.  I haven’t figured it out what exactly it means, but I feel it is a combination of things.  That people and animals are held accountable for their behaviors.  Sometimes people and animals make mistakes, but they still have to apologize if they hurt someone.  What you are thinking about confuses me, but I think everyone needs to think about their behavior.  I hope that God decides Justice because that would be a big responsibility for anyone to do.  I think that in order to do it efficiently you would have to study right and wrong for many years.”


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1 thought on “WHAT IS JUSTICE?”

  1. I will pray for justice a home. My funds wont allow another pet at this time my pig ROOT has her med needs and so does her other animal friends scarlett ohara and mandee lynn.

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