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What the baby panda has to say…

What Does The Real Panda Think Of The Human Pandas?

Researchers dressed in panda costumes put a panda cub into a basket before transferring it to a new living environment at the Hetaoping Research and Conservation Center on February 20.
The panda costumes are part of a new plan to reintroduce captive giant pandas back into the wild. (Photo & text from Reuters)


I couldn’t resist.  I had to ask, “Little Panda, What Do You Think Of The Giant Pandas That Put You In The Basket?”

Little Panda says,

“I knew they were not real pandas because they smell different and their faces dont make the chewing motion that pandas make.

But I felt safe because they looked a little like me. Their fur felt and smelled strange, but I kept having a feeling that they were good and that they were going to make me safe. 

They brought me to a place that I now call home and I feel the best I have ever felt. 

I know that they are human because I know what humans smell like but I know also that I should only let humans that look like pandas pet me.  I think they were trying to tell me that.  I am thankful for them. 

Can I tell you that those humans… if they are helping other pandas than they should break the sticks of vegetation before they feed the pandas cause then it smells tastier and the scared pandas will eat more.”


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1 thought on “What the baby panda has to say…”

  1. Do male and female panda pair in the zoos like to meet only 3-4 days a year during mating or do they like regular interactions?

    How do panda cubs feel about weaning from their mothers at 18 months as conducted by zoos?

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