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Party%20Time%202008.jpgParty Time is a polo pony. She says, “I buck when people mount me, because I think that I am going to get stabbed by spurs on both sides.”Her person does not wear spurs. This could be a result of old trauma. Read on to hear more about my session with Party Time.

These are the notes that Party Time’s person took during our remote session.
“I” is Party Time’s Person and “Her” is Party Time
Ken is Party Time’s trainer.
• Talk to her when it is quiet; When we are alone I understand her clearly; when I am on top of her, it can give her an unsettled stomach because my mind is whirling and so is hers
• Total mindfulness of her
• When she bucks she anticipates a jab, both sides; could be old memory with another rider
• Really likes the way the saddle feels; thinks it was custom made for her
• I ride with soft knees, I am gentle rider
• Not the cinch
• Helps her if Ken is ahead, so she can see him, focuses her energy away from her body;
• Been thinking about it more and she feels better when I stand in the stirrups
• Initiate trot with seat or click; pet her when I ask for additional speed
• Repeat words, talk to her softly when I ride, that helps her
• Hold tail at base and do little circles, stretches spine
• Has fear when I sit on her; afraid of deep jabs on both sides
• I should look forward and not down when I ask for the trot or canter; I should focus on something up ahead and look into distance when I ask for trot
• Maybe I should brush her on her sides just before I ride her
• I should talk to her about it when she is not bucking; tell her I don’t want to do it
• Connect with her by stroking her neck, sing/talk to her, get her focus on me
• Don’t think “Don’t buck” because that puts thought in her mind
• Phantom pain? I’m scared now, don’t want it
• Used to tie her back legs all day long
• Back legs sensitive but not painful; soft and tender in back of hoof
• Move slowly with her, give her warning when you are going to do something
• Right hind foot; feels pain during filing, in the middle outside, pain that shocks from the tip of her hoof up the middle to the pastern when he files her hoof; Nailing of the shoe to the hoof is okay
• Right hind foot more sensitive
• Likes the farrier with dirty blond hair
• Oreo is bored, wants to learn something new
• Lipstick is funny and tells her that she journeys with Sheryl at night and reads with her
• Tiger Lily, they take turns playing follow-the-leader, Tiger talks her thru her fear
• Kenya kicked her in the butt, PT thought it was rude
• Kenya should talk to PT about bucking and being more aware
• Sounds a little insecure; I told her that Laura would be talking to her
• Really upset that I think she doesn’t love me
• She was listening to us, said she is afraid I might blow in her eye when I lean down to kiss her
• Grain gives her scratchy throat, always hungry
• Sometimes wants to nuzzle me
• Move slowly with her, give her warning when you are going to do something
• Wanted to know my favorite thing, so she could give me a gift; gems come from the earth, maybe she could find one for me
• When I give her a treat, I should hold it out and look away, she thinks I might trick her
• She loves me so much and happy to be with me forever; try hard not to buck and to do what I suggest; don’t need to circle her tail, she will think I am just putting it up
• Don’t pay attention to my facial expressions; look away and still talk to me
• Ken has soft spot for her because he can see her past
• Sometimes Ken hears us (horses) but would never tell because he is afraid of being laughed at
• She thought permethrin was going to be a needle; doesn’t like shots/jabs
• Sometimes needles hit your veins and you bleed
• She says I need to stay farther from ball when I approach it to hit it
• Woman on my polo team who wants to be me so don’t be too close to her because it makes me tired

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