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talia%26dad.jpgTalia & her dad, Michael.
Last year one of my best friends lost her 13-year-old daughter in a plane crash. Talia died on the 23rd of December but was found on Christmas day. On the anniversary of Talia’s passing, I spent most of the day with my friend. She saved every text message and phone messages from people who remembered to call her and said she would write them down later so that she would never forget who reached out to her. We went to the hilltop where the ashes of Talia, Talia’s dad, and her German Shepherd Gunther are spread. Along with three other friends we had a spiritual experience that is so memorable we will never doubt the power of the universe again.
When we got back to my friends house I spoke to her Chihuahua Zippy. Zippy said, “I know today is the day that Talia’s spirit flew out of her body when she was moving really fast through the air…The way angles get your spirit to leave your body is that they surround you in love and it is like love catches you…The day we knew Talia died, Gunther (their German Shepherd) said to me, ‘I am going to make myself go be with Talia. You stay here with mom’…Gunther did it. He made himself sick. It was really hard for him to do. He had to suffer in order to get to heaven. Now he is with Talia and I am here with mom.”
I asked Zippy what he wants to tell humans. He said, “If I was to talk to the animals I would tell them to be present to support your people if they start to cry or if they feel lonely. I want to tell people that it is important to think of others. To know that little words on a phone can create a breath that helps to heal someone. I want them to remember to love each other and you don’t always have to give a material gift. Sometimes just saying hello is a big gift. If the people you know have loved ones that have died. Tell them to ask for a sign that their loved ones see earth. Just because someone is in spirit doesn’t mean they cant say ‘I love you and I am here. … If anyone feels alone I am sure they can ask Talia and Gunther to say hello.”

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