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My Life As A Pet Psychic


My Life As A Pet Psychic
First Published in the Santa Barbara News-Press



I live my life as a pet psychic.  It is really all I have ever known. My earliest memory is my parents holding our Yorkshire Terrier over my crib and hearing her say, “You are so small.”

I hear the animals speaking with me in a whisper. This is telepathy. My mind transfers their thoughts, emotional feelings, and images in their heads into words. I can also feel their pain in my body. I can quickly recognize what is my thought and my pain and what is someone else’s.  I know when to let it go.

Once I asked a grizzly bear why she was so aggressive. She complained about pain in her back caused by the coffee nip candies her trainer was feeding her as a reward. After speaking with the bear, my kidneys hurt so bad that I was in bed for two days unable to stand. Sometimes their pains get locked in our bodies.  Other empathetic people may experience this.

I do hear common themes.  Older animals pant and lick because they have acid re-flux. Animals don’t like to be left alone from daylight to dark without a light going on in the house and they don’t like two hands on their head at once. Cats like tall wide water dishes, open windows and bird-feeders. Dogs love big green parks and lawns. One of their dying requests is a bowl of ice-cream and a party talking about how great they are.  They know what makes us happy even if we have forgotten.  They may tell someone who has not painted in twenty years to paint, leaving them speechless.

Some of you may say, “I don’t believe it”.  And I get it. But if you have ever loved an animal, you may question your own judgement. Have animals comforted you when you’re upset or initially disliked someone who eventually betrayed you? Have they surprised you by standing next to something you have lost or woken you up earlier when you forget to set the alarm? There is something in their eyes that says they understand. We have all seen it.

To make communication clearer, take a breath and center yourself before you speak with them.  Focus but do not stare. Breathe rhythmically. Visualize everything that you say.  If that is hard for you, be clear with your words. Tell the animals what you want rather than what you don’t want.  Instead of saying, “Don’t jump” use, “Keep all fours paws on the ground”. You can tell them that when they jump they may hurt someone by knocking them over, but when they keep all fours on the ground, everyone is safe and you are proud.

Whether we are conscious of it or not, our animals mirror us.  Find peace in the moment.  Take the time to use your eyes and watch them.  Do your animals behaviors and emotional states change when you explain things to them?  It’s possible that your world my open up to a new understanding.






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De-Stressing Pets During the Holidays

De-Stressing Pets During the Holidays

Our Pet Psychic Explains Animal Body Language

Originally posted on Sunday, November 21, 2010

I tell every animal I have a consultation with two different statements.

The first is this: “The smartest animals (including humans) are conscious of their behavior. They know what they are doing at every moment and why.”

The second is, “Animals have body language behaviors that they use to communicate with other animals and to calm themselves. Some of these behaviors are licking the mouth, yawning, blinking the eyes, looking and looking away, turning away, sitting down, lying down, and shaking the whole body to release a lot of stress or excitement.”

It is extremely important for animals to be conscious of when they use these “calming signals.” If animals are conscious of their behaviors in everyday life when they become fearful or aggressive, it is easier for them to remember to use these signals in order to feel more safe and stable.

The holidays can be stressful times for a number of animals. Some are left home alone longer than usual and others are forced to be in chaotic situations that they would not normally be in, such as family gatherings and parties. I urge people to tell their animals what to expect. Do this at a quiet moment. When you talk to them, remember to put an image to everything you are saying and to stay positive.

For instance, you could explain, “This afternoon I will take you for a nice walk and then I am going to leave the house to see some people for the holiday. It will have been dark for a long time when I come home. I’ll bring you a special treat (turkey). I’ll leave the light in the hallway on, and some soft classical music on for you to listen to. You can look out the front window. Talk to the animals outside or the other animals in the house if you get bored. Be confident. You are safe.”

Or you could describe a gathering at your home: “I want you to know that when the sun is the highest a group of people are going to come to the house. There will be a lot of noise and movement. They will leave after it gets dark. I want you to keep all four of your paws on the ground. When you get excited or scared remember to lick, yawn, and look away to calm yourself. You can always go into the bedroom if you have too much stimulation.

“Uncle Tony is coming. Remember him? He is really big, has dark hair, and makes a lot of noise. He will probably start shouting when he watches the TV in the den. He is a good man. You can feel safe and quiet around him. The three little girls are coming as well. You need to be gentle with them. If you bump into them they fall and cry. You must try extra hard to watch where your body is when you are around them. If you get nervous, come to me or go into the bedroom. I will save you a special treat for when the night is over, or maybe the kids will give you something special.”

Lala the German shepherd says, “You should tell some dogs that they should watch the children extra close to make sure they are safe. Sometimes parents forget at these events. You should tell cats and small dogs that some people drink alcohol and don’t watch where they are stepping, so not to sleep on the floor next to people feet. You can tell these animals that they should keep the old people company because these people hear only a little bit of what everyone is saying and animals make old people feel better.”

She continues, “Tell everyone to say ‘I love you’ to everyone else because you don’t know if it will be the last time you see some people. Tell everyone to be peaceful. Some people try to be confusing on purpose. Don’t take it personally. Remember your pet, and smile when you get anxious.”

She says that like animals, people too can use their body language consciously, to communicate with others or to calm themselves.

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hudson pool










Hudson gets out of the pool for the first time and says, “I’m dripping. Why am I dripping?” #doggysfirstswim

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Is Hudson Stormy

the boys at ojai foundation










Hudson (white GSD * Stormy’s incarnation) says, “Mom, my body has forgotten how to walk far. Though when I walk here I have waves of memories. I have been here many times before.”

So true! This is one of Stormy’s favorite walks. Later in life he use to do it in his stroller. I had to carry Hudson part of the way because he got tired. Don’t you worry all you animal advocates! I didn’t make him walk far .

Luca my poodle says, “Stormy has forgotten a lot of things but he is still my good friend. I know it’s him cause I see his soul is the same.”

Felix my chihuahua mix says, “Hudson is a lot of fun. My mom calls me a gangster because I’m tough on him. It’s my job to teach him. If that’s truly Stormy it is a miracle. I can see both of them in my mind if I close my eyes. They are similar.”

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Hudson’s Arrival

Hudson is home! We are all in love and exhausted!

He has fit in really well. When he came into the house he said he has been there before and I heard him thinking about how strange it was that he knew the bedroom so well.

This morning there were ravens outside that said, “look the black dog is back in a white body”!

So exciting. He is a confident wild explorer! More to come….

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Storm King has returned! If you have been following Pet Psychic Radio, you would know my late Aussie Dog Stormy is back! He came back as white German Shepherd in a dear friend of mine's litter! It's an amazing story how Stormy came back to me. I will tell it soon. For now, can all you Stormy lovers guess which puppy he is? Is he pink, green, blue or yellow?

Storm King has returned!

If you have been following Pet Psychic Radio, you would know my late Aussie Dog Stormy is back!

He came back as white German Shepherd in a dear friend of mine’s litter!

It’s an amazing story how Stormy came back to me. I will tell it soon.

For now, can all you Stormy lovers guess which puppy he is? Is he pink, green, blue or yellow?


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Goodbye Stormy

My sweet Storm King aka Stormy died peacefully today (on the full moon!). Happy until the end. We all miss him terribly.

For now I will share:

Before he passed Stormy said, “This is going to be awesome!”

And talked about seeing and communicating with so many of our friends (animals and people) who were coming for him.

After he passed, we all felt him. I

heard him say, “no matter how high I fly, know I still love you.”

Luca felt Stormy’s spirit pass through him and said he saw Stormy glittering all around him while he filled him up with love. When we buried Stormy beneath our friends’ oak tree Luca jumped in the grave and tried to get the dirt off him. We are so sad. But are ok.

So grateful he has been in our lives and that we know he is still with us.

Thank you all for loving our sweet Stormy. So many have been touched by him. Truly happy till the end (of this body).       :).

May he fly high and we all sense him when he is near. We love you, Stormy!




I have been amazed at the out-pour of love for Stormy and my family on facebook.  You may enjoy reading all the beautiful comments people wrote about Stormy!  If interested click on post below.



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Stormy head shot










Stormy just said to me, “mom, when you’re in a peaceful state, you are much more receptive.”

Ain’t that the truth!

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Pet Psychic Radio 01-29-15

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@ 03:41 – 8wk MaltiPoo (Maltese/Poodle) Brooklyn, she happy?
@ 10:42 – Aleksandra & green-cheeked conure Ivy, anything to say?
@ 16:59 – Kathi & dog Flora, why fighting with sister Elsie?
@ 24:26 – Laura, animal calming signals, body language
@ 31:42 – Kelly & Daisy, what does she think of new home?
@ 36:30 – Kathi & dog Flora, quick update.
@ 37:19 – 13yr dog Maxie, kidney failure, why eating rocks?
@ 47:18 – Linda & 4yr Snowshoe cat Tooga, where’s stuffie toy?
@ 54:16 – Kristi & Brittany Spaniel Yuki, had chiropractic session.
@ 56:23 – Stormy’s WoW, “I want everyone to love themselves …”

* Calming signals,
* Parsley tea for dogs,
* Stella & Chewy’s,


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Getting Ready for 2015

2015 many blessings









I ask the boys, “What are you getting ready for in 2015?”

Stormy my Aussie says, “I am clearing my head and thinking all positive thoughts.  My body is rejuvenating.”

Felix my Chihuahua mix says, “I am making new friends – big dogs, small dogs and more people.  I am going to consciously laugh and look for the pleasure instead of allowing myself to fear the situation.”

Luca my poodle says, “I am going to think like a Samurai! It means I am calm and focused. All my actions are smart, joyful and helpful… AND I am going to play more.”

Much Love and Many Blessings… Now go be like Luca and be like a Samurai!

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