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Happy New Year!
Here is what my animals would like to concentrate on in 2009. They are listed oldest to youngest.
Joey (cat): I would like to find away to help my knees and neck not to bother me so much. By the end of the year, I want to feel comfortable with Serafina and I grooming each other and sleeping close together.
Maia (wolf hybrid): I want to find more peace about going to heaven. I am not sure what I need to learn in order to go there, but I think I am going to learn it this year. I want to be as calm as I can be. I know I still don’t like strange dogs around me and I hope that doesn’t matter when it comes to me getting into heaven.
Makia (cat): I want to help you more with your work. I want to talk to the animals and see if I can help them understand their people. I want them to know that you talk to a lot of animals that suffer and they are not alone. I want to manifest you brushing me more.
Stormy (Aussie): I want to be on a schedule of seeing old people and helping them to smile. I want to do it often. I need a job. I also want to have a set play date with a canine friend. I want you to find that friend for me.
Serafina (cat): I want to play more. I want to teach Bean (the bunny) how to be good while she is loose in the house. I want to be more peaceful with Makia. I want to snuggle with Joey. I think I should learn to be less protective over my food.
Bean (bunny): I want you to teach me how to do tricks. I want to learn to be a cat and go in the front yard. I want to learn how to listen to you. Every time you talk I am mad at you for telling me not to chew the wires or the curtains. I feel you don’t know bunnies. Maybe you know more than me, but I am not sure yet.
Makia would like to add, “I think everyone should think of this moment forward. They should forgive everything that happened in the past and be happy that there is a future. I like the idea that life is unpredictable. That no one knows what happens in the future. I like the idea that the future can be even greater than all of our family can imagine. We can be happier, healthier, more peaceful, and more grateful than we ever thought possible. If we look inward and smile everyday, we can look out at the world and see only beauty. And when we all see suffering we can know that the suffering will end if we concentrate on seeing ourselves and others as pure loving spirits. It took me a long time to realize this. I think that if I take time to remember it everyday, I will kinder to myself and others.”

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