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I will briefly tell you the story of Gita and Andy. Because of them I feel more connected with life and death’s natural rhythms. Gita was a beautiful German Shepherd. She was unique looking with a distinct reddish blonde coloring and a little raccoon mask around her eyes. She was my student and my dear friend. She was blessed with the most perfect home a dog could wish for. Her people did everything right. They spent time socializing her and trained her humanely. They searched out the best vets and the best nutrition. They showered her with love, discipline and exercise. There was no home more dedicated. I say that with all my being. Gita’s mind started to slip and despite all the efforts of her people Gita’s fear increased. She began to exhibit unpredictable aggression (to even a well trained eye) that became shocking and dangerous. There was no turning back from it. There was something terribly wrong with Gita’s brain. When I talked to Gita, she told me she could no longer hold her aggression at bay. She was scared she would hurt someone. She wanted to be done with this life. She wanted to go to heaven. Surprisingly, the young shepherd pleaded to me to let her go. She was her peoples’ child. How could they do it? Yet, how could they not? She became a danger even to them. They searched for other answers (medication, shelters, other homes) and each time they did the door to life quickly closed on them. It was the hardest decision they would every make, yet it went smoothly. Gita was thankful. She became calm and peaceful once the decision was made. Gita’s mom (person) told Gita to sore to heaven like a bird taking flight and that is just how I watched Gita’s spirit sore to a new dimension. My love goes out for Gita’s family and I want to thank them for being the best family a dog could wish for.
Then there is Andy. A white and black stray cat I found in Ventura. It took me three weeks to convince him he needed medical care. On the third week, he allowed me touch him for the first time and put him in my car. He was frightened. He could barely breath from the puss coming out of his nose. His face is severely deformed. His eyes almost swollen shut. He has four tumors or abscesses (one on his forehead the size of a golf ball, one on his right check, one in his mouth and one on his left check that is oozing puss). He was thin, filled with thousands of ticks and worms. “He has cancer or a fungal infection. I think he should be put to sleep” the first vet said. “Laura, put him out of his misery” Others pleaded. But Andy did not want to die. Andy wants to live. And because Andy wanted to live all the most wonderful people have come magically into life. Lisa helped me clean his wound and bathed him five times. Buena Animal Hospital has cut their cost for medical care. Span has given him a voucher. B at Noah’s Apothecary has donated food and is collecting donations, Catherine gave him healing with tuning forks, and Kristen, one of the best cat people I know, will be taking care of Andy when I go away. Andy is healing! He is a miracle. Andy does not have a fungal infection nor does he have cancer like many thought. Andy is free of all serious cat borne diseases. He is friendly and allows me to clean his wounds. He is good eater. Andy says, “All of a sudden I have so many friends. Each day, I know I am not ready to die, because I want to stay with all who love me.” Thank you everyone for all your help with Andy!
Gita and Andy have reminded me that we cannot judge another’s suffering by outward appearance. It is important to ask our animals what they want. Ask them to be clear. You do not have to be a pet psychic to understand them. They will show you what they want. If we are patient with our decisions the right path will always be revealed to us. Although this path can be emotionally hard, I am convinced it is always right when it unfolds so effortlessly. I will forever be grateful for Gita, her sister Greta, her people, Andy, and all of Andy’s “new friends” that have help him along the way. Thank you all for listening to the animals and loving them with all your hearts.

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