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A session with Rexter & Jennifer

Hi Laura:

It was so good to see you, as always, and thank you again. I think I can speak for Rex that your visits always have a profound, good effect on both me and Rex. There was a bit of bitter sweetness and wisdom this time, and it gives me a lot to think about. I had a hard time choosing one quote to send you, so I listed a few below for you to choose. Attached is a photo of the Rexter from our trip to the mountains.

Thank you again!



Here are Jen’s notes from our session:

Rex says, “I’ve been thinking about you [Laura], and it’s kind of inconvenient that you’re the only person who can hear me. Do you think mom can understand you? Mom knows me and feels me very well. She asks me questions and I try to tell her. It’s like she looks away and then she gets it. She should ask the question and then think about something else, and then I’ll slip it in.”

Laura:  What should she think about?

Rex: “She should think about her toes.”

Rex: “I love my mom more and more each day, and it’s hard to think about leaving. When you get old it’s what you think about.”

Question for Rex: “What do you think about people?”

Rex:  “People don’t enjoy themselves enough, and don’t see what’s in from of them because they are thinking too much. My mom’s not like that though. Many people are also restricted or held back by what their moms and dads say/do to them when they were children.”

Laura: “Do you have someone in mind?”

Rex: “Dad had major issues with his mom and dad, and it affects him now.”

Question for Rex: “How do you like eating the raw chicken [necks and backs]?”

Rex:  “It’s really good and I like it a lot. Does it come from something with feathers? I see them on trees and on power-lines, and I say to myself, ‘I think I eat you and you are in the fridge.’ I wonder if I ate it as a puppy if I might not have the problems I have now. “

Question for Rex: “How did you like our trip to the mountains?”

Rex:  “I know it was challenging and difficult at times. It smelled like nature on the inside and I loved it. The stairs [to the cabin] were really hard, but I thought it was cool that I made it. I saw large pine cones and a lot of birds I never knew existed. If I didn’t live here I would live there.”

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