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For years one of my client/friend’s cat, Chester, was begging me to have his mom (person) get him another cat in the house. Every time I saw him, he would remind me to mention it to his mom. Chester’s person was not ready to take on the care and expense of another cat and kept telling Chester, “maybe in the future”. At the same time another friend of mine had a beautiful cat, Addy, that was well taken care for, but had to be an outside cat because my friend is extremely allergic. Addy is very affectionate and wants to cuddle. One day my friend asked if I could help find Addy a better home where she could be touched/handled more. I talked to Addy and posted her here on my website. Chester’s person saw her and to my surprise wanted to meet her. She and Chester welcomed Addy into their home. It has been quite some time now that they have all lived together. My friend recently sent me quotes from Chester and Addy that they told her through me. I think they are great narrative of the thoughts of feelings of animals when there home environment changes and a new animal is welcomed into the family.
This is Addy and Chester. Chester is the orange and white cat and Addy is the calico.

Here are notes from their new person on what they have to said to me:
When Addy first was adopted into Chester’s family, Laura asked him what he thought of her: “She’s more beautiful than the stars in the sky.”
When Addy first came and Chester seemed upset and Laura asked him why:
“Now mom thinks about her as much as she thinks about me!”
Addy, a few months after she came and apparently wasn’t sure she was in a permanent home: “Can this be my forever home? Because I really really like it here.”

Addy was told that she shouldn’t walk on computer keyboards (something she does a lot). She told Laura: “Well [previous owner] used to let me!”
Laura reminded her that wasn’t true (Addy used to be an outdoor cat and wasn’t around keyboards. Though both her previous people worked at home and on the computer all day. She would watch them from the window).
In another conversation, Addy told Laura:
“You’ve been my friend for a long time. You promised me a long time ago that you’d find me a new home and that I’d be really happy. And you did, so I’ll believe anything you tell me.”

For a few months Addy wouldn’t nap in certain spots. She said:
“Chester won’t let me!” (Chester’s owner informed her that she can nap wherever she wants.)
Addy also told Laura:
“He tells me I’m too affectionate with mom. He says I shouldn’t show so much affection.” (She has ignored that advice.)
When Chester and Addy had gotten used to each other, Laura asked if he would mind if Addy curled up with him, because she seemed as if she’d like to do that. He said:
“She knows I’d let her do that if she wants to.”

He also said this about six months after Addy came:
“I used to get lonesome during the day when mom was gone. But I don’t feel that way anymore.”

When the two cats had gotten used to each other, Addy told Laura:
“Now I know Chester loves me!”

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