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Animal Communicator * Fourth of July * Talk To Your Animals

July 4th – Fireworks

Talk To Your Animals 

It is fireworks season again! This is a stressful time of year for even our most confident pets. Random, unpredictable popping and sizzling occur without warning, deafening our animals’ ears and confusing their senses. The smell of burning alone can send our animals into flee mode. So what do we do?

The first thing we do is to explain to our animals what is going to happen on the days leading up to Fourth of July and throughout the weekend.

I want you to sit in a quiet place with your animals. Breathe. I am going to give you something to say to your animals. While you talk to your animals, picture everything you say as if there are clips of a movie playing in your mind.

Feel every emotion and sense in your body as if it is happening to yourself at this very moment.

Say to them, “I want to explain to you what will be happening in the next few days (pictures a few sunsets and sunrises). Every year on this weekend, adults and children play with toys (picture them with one of their toys and then a human with a firework).

 “These human toys make a lot of loud noises (hear sizzling and popping in your head). They also burn (remember the smell in you mind), but are safe (picture the burning only being around a firework). These toys are so wonderful for people because they fly high up in the sky and create beautiful colorful patterns in the sky or off of the toy. (Picture the fireworks and people in awe). This happens every year. People all over play with their own fireworks and then they go to a certain place on one night and watch a big display of fireworks. (Picture people playing joyfully at their home with fireworks and then traveling to where there are crowds and watching a big display).

 “I know that it is scary (picture your animal scared), but you are safe and you must stay home where you are truly protected. (Picture them confident, aware, and staying home on Fourth of July). There will be no more fireworks in a few days. (Picture it quiet again after the sun rises and sets a few times). This is what I will do for you on the day where the noise is the worst (explain where they will be and how you will help them.) I love you and want you to feel safe.”

 This is what you must do: All outside animals should be contained in a safe place. Many animals that would never run away flee in terror on July 4. Please bring them into a safe place (garage, laundry room … ).

Make sure they cannot climb out of windows or open the doors. At the very least lock yard gates, but inside is preferable.

Bring all your animals in at least an hour or two before nightfall. Once the noise starts it will be harder to find them. Close all windows, turn on fans or AC, leave the TV or light classical music on. Close shades so that the animals do not see the fireworks.

 If your animal is frightened inside you can put a T-shirt on your animal. Safety-pin the shirt around the stomach so it is snug. This can give awareness to your dog’s body and can create more confidence. Some dogs like to go under beds or in a covered crate.

Give your dog a light meal. Eating can affect the limbic system (the emotional center of the brain). If you have to sedate your animal please tell them what you are doing and the reaction of the drug so they do not get frightened when they get groggy.

You can give your animal Rescue Remedy a Bach Flower Essence. It has a calming effect on animals. You can purchase it at most health food stores.

T-Touch on your Animal can help too.  T-touch is a special way to touch your animal. Practitioner Jodi Frediani says, “TTouch likely engages the parasympathetic nervous system, relaxing muscle tension and allowing heart rate, blood pressure and circulation to slow, in effect bringing stress levels down. Bringing the stress level down may allow a dog (or person or horse) to have more body awareness, which can help if the body is compensating because of a past fear or pain”

Click Here To Read A How To Article On The TTouch

 Please think of your animal this week. Take the time out to explain to them what will be happening. Be overly cautious about keeping them safe. It can save their lives.

More animals end up lost, dead, or in the shelter on Fourth of July than on any other day.

Some are never found.

Please take the time to take care of your pets!

Gypsy And Beau
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13 thoughts on “Animal Communicator * Fourth of July * Talk To Your Animals”

  1. Thank you for this thoughtful article. It is always good to get people to stop and think outside their festive lifestyle around this holiday. Great information and really well explained. I’m about to have a sit down with my cats right now.. so thank you!

  2. WE LOVE YOU LAURA!!! Thank you for the great lesson on learning to love and communicate with our animal family better! I am going to practice what you were so kind to share and and bless you every day for sharing it! You are a true friend and know you are never alone! I always send good thoughts your way and wish I lived closer because I would be packing my family over to your place often!

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  4. Thank you, Laura.
    Tess, Joey, and I are well. Having this reminder about the 4th is very important.
    Thank you so much for the script. I will be talking to both cats. Joey is outside all the time so I hope he listens well. I am also taking care of the neighbor’s dog, so she will hear this, also.
    Enjoy your Holiday!
    Ciao, Lynn

  5. Thanks for such a helpful article on how to explain July 4 to pets! We have a big air show here in the fall, and my kittens will be hearing the Blue Angels flying overhead for several days leading up to it, plus the two days of the show. That noise is so loud it even makes me jumpy, and I know what’s going on! This will also be helpful to me in explaining that to them when the time comes.
    Although it’s too late to order items and have them for July 4, for future reference I do carry a nice assortment of natural cat calming and soothing products on Old Maid Cat Lady, including the Thundershirt, which is now available for cats! Here’s a link to that page of my site: http://bit.ly/LDEOew

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  7. Ginger Blymyer

    Thanks for this reminder. One thing I suggest is that people invest in a Thunder Shirt to have around for these occasions. It wraps tight and really pus my dog at ease. The rescue remedy in the water bowl is good too. I will talk to my pets starting today. Another thing I think to consider is if one is going to a barbecue go early and leave early and be home with the guys and girls. In Mexico they set off bottle bombs that sounded like gun shots. The dogs and the cat would all sit together with me on my bed and contemplate my Guru. We all knew to head there when they started. They were supposed to make the Virgin safe when she was moving about (her statue) but they scared the rest of us. Happy 4th to you.

  8. Thank you so much for the info and incite on how to explain this to our precious pets. It is truly a scary time for them and they need lots of reassurance and love during this time. Please have a safe holiday everyone. 🙂

  9. This was an amazing article and so helpful!!! Im going to talk to Boo & Snoopy immediately!!! Thank you for sharing these great tips and always sharing your special gift with us!!!! I didnt think It was possible to love my pets anymore but after our sessions it crazy how much more I love them. Thank you Laura!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Yvonne R. de Miranda, Ph.D

    Dear Laura,
    I have three shelter rescue dogs – one came to me blind. All are very happy and protected. The whole property is surrounded by fencing, however they all live inside with me and we all go outside (12 acres) together and come back together. In all my dog years not one of my companions has suffered because of noises or anxiety. I try to be very careful about that. Although over time I keep learning new things. I think the T shirt idea is great. Manufacturers are now making ‘thunder shirts’ for animal security but they are expensive.

    I do not talk to my sweeties about the future as there is no way (in my opinion) to explain the future to them no matter how many sunsets and sunrises we picture. They do of course anticipate many things because of cues that are either mental or happening around them. However right before something potentially traumatic, I give them each images of safety, of myself holding them smiling and calm, or playing with them if that is appropriate, and never allow images of danger to enter my mind. Any stressful situation is imaged with a countering neutral or safe one whether it is toys, food, petting, playing, etc. As you write in your article, we can talk to them in what you call ‘movie frames’. I give commands with my thoughts/images and if I am in a totally balanced state, I do not need words or gestures at all. This is most important with my blind “Whiffer” as gestures are obviously not effective.

    My daughter was the best communicator I know of. Any kind of animal could ‘read her mind’ instantly for her images must have been crystal clear without confusing elements. And she could pick up images from them, as I have learned to do. The important thing is to be available and prepared for events that could create stress and/or panic. Because I have practiced this over and over, it is now second nature. People here (rural area) think I am over-protective of my k-9 companions. There is no way I will take any chance. I hope many people read your article, because reassuring any animal calmly is of utmost importance whether it is done days in advance or just before something anticipated. I am fortunate that there are no loud noises here on the 4th July. But if there were, they have learned that there is safety with me, and I would reinforce that with images. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and advice. Wishing you and your companions all good things, Yvonne

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    having a free table to Share your story (maybe recruit some volunteers). Please contact me at home at (805)672-0088 or cell (805) 338-8066. e-mail: mcweisberg@aol.com Thanks!

  13. Laurentia McIntosh

    Dear Laura,
    Thanks so much for the reminder to talk to the cats in the rescue barn. I knew how I was going to help Piper, my dog, because we have worked with it over the last several years. I completely forgot about all of the outdoor animals! I will talk to them tonight in the barn while I am feeding them. I would feel so bad if they became frightened due to my lack of foresight. Thanks again!

    Be well,

    Laurentia, Piper, all the WonderCats

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