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Leeloo is 10 years


When asked not to scratch the furniture, Leeloo says:


“This is disturbing. It’s disturbing cause it feels good on my paws to scratch the furniture. Furniture is the best to scratch on.”


As many cat owners know cats love to scratch the furniture.

Some of the reasons I have heard are, “I like to stretch my back & arms” 

“I’m trimming down my nails”,

and “I am just climbing”.

What ever the reason is this you want to tell your cat:

“People like to have nice things.  (picture your furniture) when you scratch our nice things it ruins them. (picture them ruined).  I think it is ugly and our guest think it is ugly. (picture everyone with a disgusted sad face.).  We want to keep our house nice.  So we have bought you these cat scratchers (picture the cat scratchers.) Please use them.”

If the scratching is really terrible I will explain,

“Some people are so upset about their cats scratching the furniture that they take their cats in to declaw them.  They cut off part of their toes to do this.  This surgery is very painful and mean.  You will always have your nails but I want you to know that people get so upset about this that they do mean things to their cats.  Please listen to me and scratch in these places (picture the ok places.).  I love you, you will always be safe. I want you to respect our things.”

cats like:

cardboard scratchers with organic catnip  Worldwise SmartyKat 0932511 SuperScratcher with Certified Organic Catnip


post with sissal rope

Whisker City® Sisal Kitty Cactus Scratching Post - PetSmart

carpet cat trees.

Molly and Friends Four Tiered Cat Tree - Beige - PetSmart

It is important to keep your cats nails trimmed and give them an appropriate place to scratch.

If you see them scratching at an ok place tell them, “I’m so proud of you. You are making good decisions. Thank you.”

If you see them scratching at the wrong place:

Talk to them again and bring them to an ok place.

If all else fails:

put two-sided tape on the places that they are inappropriately scratching.  The scratching will stop 🙂

To read what what declawed cats think CLICK HERE

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1 thought on “Leeloo”

  1. Yes, I agree declawing is a terribly painful and cruel process, which is why I’m glad these dedicated animal communicators are getting the word out so that more people will choose other methods to prevent their cats from scratching furniture.

    As a matter of fact, I just visited the Laramie Animal Shelter on facebook and they showed a new alternative to declawing which involves using “nail caps” for the cats. As far as I know it is a safe, kind alternative for our animal companions. For more information check out their website:www.softpaws.com.

    Hope this helps,

    Sophia 🙂

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