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Animals Talk About Communication With Their People

Cousteau & His Mini Mav

Cousteau (horse): “My mom and I have a good way of communicating. When she asks me a question and it is a yes I tap her hand with my muzzle. Though when my mom gets anxious she asks too many questions in her head and then I don’t know what to answer. It is important to ask one question and then make sure your mind stays on that one question so that you animal can respond; otherwise we get very confused.”


Dante (dog): “I like it best when she asks me a question when I am lying down and she is sitting next to me. I respond and then she wonders if she got it or not. The best thing for people to do is to trust what they get. So often they keep questioning what they got until they forget the answer all together.”


Izzy (cat): “My dad just needs to wait for the answer. He says something to me and then walks away and starts thinking about something else. I scream to him, “Hey Dad, listen and you might get it!”

no picture of Chloe 🙁

Chloe (cat): “My mom gets me great. She is a good communicator. She takes a lot of time thinking about what she is going to say to me. Then pictures it and feels it at the same time. When I talk to her back she understands my feelings ‘cause they rush through her body.”

Angie & Her Person

Angie (filly): “I can hear my mom thinking about me from a distance. This is really special. I got scared of the wind and a tree making noise and then I felt my mom wondering how I was. It was very cool.”

Reno and Me

Reno (dog): “My dad and I talk all the time. Most of the time he thinks that he has great plans but really they are my plans that he thinks are his.”

Evie & Her Person

Evie (pony): “My mom has a lot of things she is thinking about on the farm. It’s hard because we want to tell her to have more fun and she is very worried. She always understands us when we are sick. It is because whenever she sees us she scans our bodies with her mind and asks us how everything is feeling. If something is bothering us she always gets it. It is because she takes the time. That is what people need to do. Take the time to listen.”

no picture of zoey 🙁

Zoey (cat): “Sometimes my people use you to find out what is happening in our minds. Since we have been doing that my people understand me so much better. They watch me more and listen more. It is because they believe I have a lot to say. Communicating to them used to be frustrating; now it is easier. Though I have to say they always have explained things to me, even before Laura. Explanations with details are important. People should know that.”

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