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On The Atlanta’s Q100 The Bert Show!

The Bert Show!


I talk to the dog of Q100 host Jenn Hobby.

Carolina, Jenn’s dog, says something that brings tears to Jenn’s eyes and the other hosts are just not sure they are believers. Listen to hear what Laura and Carolina say?

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Atlanta’s Q100- Pet Communicator Talks W Jenns Dog by PetPsychic

Talking to Carolina – My notes:

“I have been excited to talk to you.  I want to tell my mom that I want more lap time.  I want to be able to sit on her lap in all situations.  I like it there and I feel more secure there.

Sometimes I have a bad feeling around my tail.  My tail gets sore.  Also I want to tell my mom that I need practice time up stairs.  I just need time to learn how to go up them fast.

I love being an only dog but I really want a second dog.  The reason I want a dog in the house is because I get bored with my people working and then I would have someone to talk to.  I was thinking of getting a dog fluffier than me and a little smaller and dad doesn’t need to worry about messes cause we could get a clean dog.  Dad is worried about anxiety but it doesn’t have to be anxiety.  I am really well-behaved and another dog could be well behaved too.  Mom is more exuberant fun and dad can learn more about exuberant fun with another dog.  You can tell dad that I will be a good teacher.  He doesn’t have to do a thing and if I have problems mom can help me.  She was really responsible when it came to teaching me.  Remember dad.

You can say to them that don’t believe, come on, you know I am smart.  You can see it my eyes.”

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