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Are Animal Communicators the Same as Pet Psychics?

There is an animal communicator who teaches her students and generally broadcasts that that an animal communicator and a pet psychic are very different. She claims that all animal communicators talk directly to the animals, whereas pet psychics may get some information from the animals, but, according to her, they all also talk to spirit guides, angels, or any other presence outside of the animal to get their information. Her claims are untrue.

I am known all over the world as The Pet Psychic. I talk directly to the animal. When talking to an animal, I will receive communications from the animal I am talking with in the way of mental images attached to emotions, and physical difficulties as feelings in my body. My mind then transfers all of this information into a stream of words.

During my sessions with the animals, I do not receive information from spirit guides, angels, or any other psychic sense. Occasionally a deceased human will enter into the session. If this happens I very respectfully and firmly ask that deceased spirit to leave and to not disturb my talk with the animal. This is similar to having an important conversation with another human and then having someone disturb you and asking them to leave.

It is true that some pet psychics utilize other psychic senses during their sessions with a client, but it is also true that many animal communicators do this as well. I myself know a few animal communicators who consult “spirit guides” to help medically intuit, heal, or translate why an animal may be in the situation they are in. This one particular animal communicator, who is falsely saying that I rely on information that is not coming directly from the animal, herself uses a pendulum to find issues in the animal’s body. She runs the pendulum over the animal’s body or a diagram of the species’ body and finds areas of concern.

Although I believe that in the hands of some people this pendulum method can be accurate, I myself don’t use this method. I question, “Who is swinging the pendulum?” Some may say a spiritual guide, an angel, psychic-magnetic space, one’s own intuition or the animal itself. If it is coming from one’s own intuition, why not access this intuition with out a prop? And if it is coming from the animal, the animal should just be able to tell you where the discomfort is in his or her body as well as the level of discomfort, without the use of a pendulum.

I believe that animal communicators and pet psychics are one and the same. We talk to animals using telepathy. There are individuals from each title that may rely on other psychic senses and practices to gain information about the animal or animal-human relationship. It is important that each animal communicator /pet psychic is clear to the client about where they are receiving information from during the session time.

I have become very upset that this particular animal communicator is teaching and broadcasting false claims. She is either uneducated about others in our field, or she is trying to create a wrong consciousness about pet psychics. I will state again: The only information about a person’s animal I receive during a consultation comes directly from the animal himself or herself and not from other means or spiritual beings.

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1 thought on “Are Animal Communicators the Same as Pet Psychics?”

  1. Hi Laura,

    Please don’t worry about what other psychics are doing. Some people feel the need to make themselves an expert by choosing to draw random lines in the sand. In our field, there’s a lot of wrestling over language. Some people insist that a psychic is someone who only sees into the future, and a medium is someone who talks to animals, spirits, guides etc.

    I think putting energy into nit-picking and re-defining terminology like this makes the person defining it feel more secure in their own expertness, and allows them to talk with seeming authority. Undermining how someone else identifies makes themselves feel better. It’s about them, not about you.

    It doesn’t matter how other people define a pet psychic – you define yourself. And you’re awesome.

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