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Pet Psychic Radio 03/08/12

On the show today we: had the cat the pooped again, a horse that doesn’t like his head bend but loves to walk over bridges, Birthday wishes from Ai’s pets, Jimmy the dog in Mexico and our guest Ape Action with Zorro and Jill.

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Jill Gasparac

What Is Your Passion or Your Story
Saving senior dogs! I mainly save senior pets, giving them a peaceful place to spend their last days/months/years. I mostly save them from our local shelters, but also have taken in owner surrender and foreclosure dogs. Recently I saved 10 dogs from a hoarding situation and have been working with the Kern shelter this past month regarding these dogs.

APe Action: Animals, People, and Environment Action
Website  http://www.apeaction.org
Address  West Hollywood, Ca

We really are in need of foster homes/donations and sponsors. We can’t save dogs w/o donations or the help of people by fostering them for us until they are adopted. Senior pets are usually very easy to foster and just need a nice soft bed and some love and attention. We could save so many more that are dying each day in shelters if people would foster. WE are working on our first PSA and it’s going to be about the need for people to help by fostering!

Zorro 5-10 years old Chihuahua

Zorro Needs A Home

History or Story
A recent save from the hoarder situation. He was supposedly 5 yrs old, per the shelter intake paperwork, but he seems like he might be older than that. Has health issues and is a special needs pet because of this.

Questions You Would Like To Ask The Animal
What is your favorite thing about being here? Would you like to be at the other foster home instead?

How did you end up at the hoarder house?

Do you understand that you are safe here and we are working on finding you the perfect home that will treat you like a king and love you forever?

Do you understand that when you get upset and bark, you make yourself cough and that’s not good for you? (can you ask him if he’s barking when I leave? I hear it when I come home, but not when I’m leaving so not sure if it’s only when they know I’m back or the whole time I’m gone!)

You need to stay calm so you can breathe AND you need to take your medicine so it can help you breathe!

Anything else?
Please go to our website to find out how you can adopt/foster/donate/volunteer…we need people to do so many little things that will be so helpful. Fundraising is a major part of rescue and we need people to help with that if they can’t adopt/foster/donate.

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