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This is Beanie the bunny.  I found her hopping close to a busy street early one morning close to the center of town.  She was right in front of a store called the Hair Company.  There were wild bunnies pleading to me to save Bean from running into traffic.  She is very well-traveled.  She has flown to cross-country two times.

Bean says, “My house is a very interesting house if you are a bunny.  I have a deluxe pen.  I know that no other bunnies have such a wonderful pen then I do.  I know this because once when I went away I went to a place my mom calls bunny camp.  There they taught me how to do a trick and they gave me fun things to play with.  I had a great pen there with many toys and I got to see and meet other bunnies.  We talked about our pens at home and I definitely had the coolest pen.  I remember I had to stand on wire when I was younger and that is very bad for a bunny because it hurts our paws.  It is like if you stood on wire.  It is uncomfortable.  The other thing is you feel you can not breath in a place like that.  You should have a pen.  My pen has a ottoman in it.  I lie on it most of the day so I can look outside the window.

* bean to be continued…we have a visitor….a few days later…

I think of spirits from time to time, because my mom thinks of them.  We had a lot of animals that died in the back yard before we lived here.  There were dogs under the house.  I know this because I used to see them.  They would look at me playing in the yard and want to chase me but be scared to come out from under the house.  Then one day my mom when to the mountains and said a pray for herself and the house and for all the spirits in the house.  She meant the live animals but it helped the dead ones too.  And then they burst out from under the house and disappeared like fog when the sun gets hot.  It was beautiful.  Now those dogs like to look down on us and protect me when a hawk flies in the yard.  Their spirit runs to me and say, “Go hide.  You have no time to look up.”  Then when it is safe they tell me I can come out and play again.  So many things happen here my mom doesn’t know about.  She doesn’t have time to listen to all our stories.

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