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What I have learned: When you die…

I have learned that even when you die you can have regrets.  We never stop learning here or on the other side.  The spirits of the dead try to make amends or show their love by helping to orchestrate the events in our lives.  The universe is a vast matrix that goes beyond our physical bodies.  The souls of the  ones that have left their bodies touch us in subtle ways.  If we are open we can be conscious of their presence.  How have you felt them?

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D.K.: How did you learn this?

Laura Stinchfield I have always known that animals and people watch over us when we die. I learned that by talking to animals after they have passed. Now with my medium work I learn over & over that people learn after death & are sorry for ways they have hurt others. them helping us, we forgiving them helps their status (for lack of better word) in the higher dimensions. they try very hard to let us know they are sorry or they are still lovingly present.

D.K.: Thanks Laura. Have you noticed a window or time period they seem present? Does it seem limited? Been thinking about this a lot lately.

Laura Stinchfield when they first die they can go and “check in”. they learn lessons, look over their lives and may feel distant. 3 days to a week. Then they are around when ever we call them. some watch over us all the time, some have other jobs and just come when we need or call them. I believe if they are reincarnated they are a bit more distance but can still be around. If it is a suicide they may seem more distant for awhile. They have work to do on themselves. It differs. Though what I do know if we need them strongly they are there for sure. When we talk to them they hear us and they answer with a breeze, a windchime, a thought, an image, a smell, a feeling, a flicker of light, a song on the radio…

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