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Bruiser On How He Became A Stray


Notes from Bruisers Person:

On a July evening two years ago Bruiser found his way to our back yard and made himself comfortable on our patio furniture. He was in pretty rough shape but we cleaned him up and started to try to find his home to no avail. We have always wanted to know where he came from or if he had a home.

Bruiser is quite a character but this was unexpected. I am curious what story Bruiser will tell Laura next time! Too bad he inadvertently tells on himself in the end.

Laura asks, “Bruiser, how did you become a stray?”

Bruiser answers, “Do I have to talk about my old life?”

Laura: “No, not if you don’t want.  But your people are very curious.”

Bruiser: “I fell out of the sky. A helicopter dropped me off. I parachuted to earth.”

Laura:  “I don’t believe you.”

Bruiser:  “I did. That is what happened….It didn’t involve biting a child. It didn’t. It didn’t.”

I, Laura, asked how Bruiser would know about a helicopter and his person said they live near a hospital so they do see helicopters from time to time. He must of imagined a way to float softly to the ground.

It is possible that Bruiser bit a child and his old person dumped him off and then Bruiser was frightened that if he confessed that his new people may not want him anymore.  It is rare that a dogs make up stories.  Cats will do it with ease but not dogs.  So his past was either something that was too frightening to recreate or that he was ashamed of his past behaviors.


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