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Rexter On Reincarnation


Rexter says he has reincarnated in a puppy body.  He explains

“This is something really special. I am in a puppy and I know how it works.  We have many lives connected to our soul and what happens is my Rex will always be here but then I have other parts that come alive to teach my greater soul lessons and then I keep getting smarter with the little lives and little pieces of my greater self until we all merge into one. Laura, what you are doing is helping us great souls merge faster into one and remember our other fragments and lives.”

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1 thought on “Rexter On Reincarnation”

  1. Laura, as usual, you have amazed us, and have given us very much to ponder. Thank you for being the Bridge and the Teacher allowing us to be connected with the soul that is Rex, and the soon to come puppy with the soul that — includes Rex! I can’t wait for us to all talk together! Very many thanks and very much love to you!

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