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Buddy describes where he is in heaven, “Where I am is like a painting with trees a pond and rainbow colored leaves.  It is beautiful place mom would really like it.  There is a cabin here with a wood burning stove like home.  This is my heaven cause it feels comfortable.  There are are some cats here.  They are nice cats and they rub up against me.

I have friends here and sometimes I feel troubled cause mom is worried and I want to say to her don’t worry I am on the high side of the heavenly mountain.  That means I am in the brightest part there is no darkness here like sometimes if you crave night time the night will come instantly but mostly I like to sleep in the sun during the day.

Its remarkably pretty and there is a woman here that says I am nice looking dog and she taught my mom some things when my mom was little and now she is going to teach me some things.  I am smart.”

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