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Bulletpurpleflowers.jpg BULLET SAYS, “Sometimes, I just think it would be better if I died. I am terrified of not having anyone love me again. I am confused, but learning how to trust again. I want my own person. I want to learn to be socialized. I feel like spirit is disappearing. I want to be a peace. If someone adopts me I promise to listen and try hard to understand. I promise to be calm. Please find someone for me. I cannot go on any longer the way I am. I realize now that not everyone suffers like I do. I don’t want to suffer anymore.”
opi1.jpg OPI SAYS, “I am starting to see what true love is. I think that they way Bullet and I lived was wrong of our people. I cannot believe that our days were filled with so many traumas when days can be peaceful and fun. I want to learn to forgive and I want to learn how to sleep in the sun with out worry something bad will happen. I think I need a special person to love me. And Bullet needs someone too.”

These two dogs that are desperately in need of either a foster home or home for life. They need to be placed separately. My friend who is facilitating the adoption writes, “They have had it rough. They’ve been severely neglected and lack necessary training. They are six yr. old chocolate Lab/Dobie brothers, and at birth Opi was sickly. They are third generation of a mother, who died at 12, giving birth to them. Bullet would commandeer the food. Fighting ensued. Their human parents did not intervene. They grew up tearing each other apart and Opi, starving, became fear aggressive. A fence was built down the center of the yard and they were kept mostly separate. Bullet was kept in house more and received more of the attention and food. They are relatively unsocialized. Yet, they both passed the Santa Ynez Humane Society Behavior Evaluation Test with flying colors in September 2008. They were neutered at that time. Opi likes boarder collies and toy dogs. He has a tendency to fight with in-tack males, big dogs and dogs charging towards him out of fear. He is still learning another dog may instigate play by running up and has improved immensely. Bullet can get along with other dogs, but is fearful also. He lives with another large size dog presently. He is not leash trained, but will start lessons with a trainer at the end of Dec. 2008. (Bullet is very frightened of his future and is not safe in his current foster situation. He is very handsome and needs a dog savvy person to help him recover from his background. Both Bullet and Opi have fear aggression as a result of childhood trauma and neglect over time. Both, dogs get along with cats. Both are starved for affection and are very loving! Athletic and yet, the Dad worked construction 7 days a week. So, Opi if got out, it was only to ride to a job site to be tied up or sit in the car. They’ve never been walked. Opi has been working on his leash training. They like riding in the car, but get very excited. The reason they are homeless is that their people have both suddenly died. “
If you would like more information on Bullet and Opi please contact Jen at tel: 805.455.0001 email: sbtoothfairy@aol.com

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