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I teach to my clients that it is important to visualize what you are saying to your animals as well as the importance on telling your animal what you do want rather than what you do not want. For instance if you want to tell you dog to stop jumping you would say, “off” and visualize your dog with all four paws on the ground with you petting him gently. Rather than saying, “no jumping” which sends the image of your dog jumping. This is the same for the command “come”. When you call your dog “come” you want to picture your dog running to you rather than calling “come” while saying to yourself, “Dam dog is never going to stop chasing the gardeners. He better not nip them.” This can be very confusing to your dog and usually ends with your gardener in torn trousers.
I had noticed many years ago when my wolf-dog, Maia, was a wild thing who would not agree to have another dog share a four block radius, that if I left the house praying, “please let there be no dogs off leash on our walk.” We would almost always see a dog off leash. After a very stressful year of this, I started to walk out of the house saying to my dogs and myself, “This is going to be such a peaceful walk. We are all alone and you both are so well behaved. Thank you for being so good.” We magically began to consistently have wonderful walks that I could actually look forward to.
The past few weeks Maia started to have a bit of an incontinence issue. I realized the more I spoke about it the worse it got. For experimental purposes, I began to switch it and it seems the more I talk about her being healthy the dryer she is. Which makes me think, “What are we putting out there (into the universe) on our animals behalf”. If we keep talking about our animal’s naughty behavior they remain naughty. I had a little three-year-old French Bull-dog say to me yesterday, “I am pain sometimes and I am worried my spine is going to shatter into little pieces. Where will the pieces go?” It turns out she has a degenerative problem with her spine and this is what her person is worried about. It made me sad to think this little creature is worried about her spine breaking apart so I told her that her person is doing the best to make her feel healthy and have her bones grow stronger. I told her to focus on a strong healthy spine. What if it is real? That the power of our thoughts truly does create our reality. Do we really want to create this little dog’s spine to collapse?
We must ask ourselves, “What are we attached to? What thoughts and ideas are we holding onto about our animals that are not healthy? And how do we change them to be more positive?” I am not asking you to be in denial about your animals physical, emotional, or behavioral problems. Accept them for what they are and then hold the image of them becoming healthier and more confident. Even an animal that is dying can die in comfort and serenity if we hold that image. Anyone who lives with an animal has witnessed that animals understand our emotional state. What power lies in our minds to create a sense of wellbeing in the minds of our animals?
It has been joyful for me to integrate this new age power of manifestation into the lives of my animal friends. Experiment with switching your negativity to more positive feelings and images and you too may find more joy and wellbeing in you and your animals’ lives.

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