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Ever wonder if animals have nightmares? In this post, I give you an inside look at my book Voices of the Animals. You can read about a cat who was so frightened by a nightmare that he bit his person. What could frighten Bug so much?
Scroll down to read his story.




An inside look at:


A collection of insightful articles and stories that will change the way you view and treat animals

Click Here to purchase the book!

Bug down on his dock with Voices of the Animals


a cats nightmare


Scroll over the bottom left of the pdf viewer, there you can change the page and zoom in and out on the text.

If you enjoy this story, you can read more by purchasing Laura’s book on Amazon. 




* Notice Bug has a heart-shaped marking on his side!

Here are some more photos of him. He has been my good friend for many years!





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I am super excited to announce that my two books in The Conscious Bond ™ Series are now available on Amazon! 

Stormy’s Words of Wisdom: An enlightened dogs profound insights on life 


Voices of the Animals: A collection of insightful articles and stories that will change the way you view and treat animals.





Stormy’s Words of Wisdom What would it mean if animals could talk? They can. Animal Communicator, Laura Stinchfield has been talking with them for her whole life. She has found that animals are pure spirits connected to the Divine. Here she shares her late dog Stormy’s ultimate truth about love, friendship, sickness, death, health, gratitude, and happiness. Stormy’s wisdom will open your heart to love.

In Praise of Stormy’s Words of Wisdom:

 “I was lucky enough to know Stormy in person. Whenever he saw me, he would trot straight up and gaze into my face. And smile. What a smile… I loved him and felt his love back. He was a great friend. Now, here, we have his love and wisdom to hold in our hands. We can open the book every day, or several times a day, and have a happy jolt of Stormy insight. Sometimes the tears well up. Other times, I laugh out loud. That’s some dog! Thanks, Stormy. Thanks, Laura.”— Caroline Thompson, screenwriter of EDWARD SCISSORHANDS and HOMEWARD BOUND: THE INCREDIBLE JOURNEY

“I love this book! Stormy’s profound wisdom is like big hug for your soul. Thank you for sharing your love and light with the world!”— Grace Chon, commercial animal photographer, author of Puppy Styled, and photographer of Stormy on this cover“

“Stormy is not an ordinary dog, he is truly connected to the creator, to the universe, to the spirit world. Of course, without Laura’s highly tuned ability to communicate with animals and humans, both in body and in Spirit, we would not be so lucky as to hear Stormy’s inspirational, educational, and spiritual words of wisdom. So, thank you Laura for your very special abilities and thank you Stormy for your wisdom and insight.”— Kimberly Klein – author of Hummingbirds Don’t Fly in the Rain and The Universe Speaks a Heavenly Dialogue

“Laura’s amazing psychic gift reveals a world rich with wisdom and boundless love from her dog Stormy.”— Arthur von Wiesenberger, Host of Animal Zone and Co- Publisher Santa Barbara News-Press

Voices of the Animals is filled with tips on how to speak with and receive messages from animals, how to help them overcome behavioral and emotional issues, how to help our aging pets, and stories of connecting with animals in the afterlife. You will laugh, cry, and be excited to put what you have learned to work. Welcome to the amazing inner life of animals!

In Praise of Voices of the Animals:

“Laura Stinchfield is a hidden treasure. Read this book and shewill be a treasure in plain sight. Chock full of remarkable, enlighteningand sometimes startling anecdotes, Voices of the Animalscan steer us all to deeper connections with our pets, with otherpeople and with ourselves. Laura’s insights into animal behaviorcan be, if taken to heart, nothing short of revolutionary. Let thisbook change your life. Keep it close and read and re-read andre-read. Wake up!”— Caroline Thompson, screenwriter of Edward Scissorhands, Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey and screenwriter/director of Black Beauty

“Laura has been blessed with an amazing and very special gift! I’ve known and worked with her for many years in both a professionaland personal capacity. Her lovely book will make you laughout loud and pull at your heart strings at the same time. Laura’spositivity, kindness, and compassion shines in her stories alongwith her vulnerability, resilience, and courage that is refreshinglyshowcased in her book. It has been a pleasure collaborating withher on helping our mutual clients and ‘patients’ through difficulttimes. Her advice on training and working in partnership withyour veterinary professional is spot on. Thank you, Laura forsharing your unique experiences and insight!”— Dr. Jill Muraoka Lim, DVM, founding partner of Ohana Pet Hospital Ventura, CA

“Before meeting Laura, I could not imagine that animals hadmuch to say past wanting their people to understand why theywere behaving a certain way. However, I quickly learned thatanimals are naturally connected to the Spirit World and to all ofthe knowledge of the Universe. They can impart wisdom andTruths generally expected from a very enlightened person. Thenuggets of wisdom that the animals pass on to Laura can changethe way we think about life, love, relationships, and more. I trust the words from animals more than I trust the words from some people, and after reading Voices of the Animals, you too will know, deep down, just how connected the animals are to the Source that moves through all things.”— Kimberly Klein, author of Hummingbirds Don’t Fly in the Rain and The Universe Speaks a Heavenly Dialogue

Laura Stinchfield
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Feature in The New York Daily News



I have been interviewed by the NY Daily News. Click On Photo to read the article 🙂


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Communication with Cecil The Lion

Cecil and Jericho BRENT STAPELKAMP


Cecil (black mane) with his brother Jericho.

Thank you, Brent Stapelkamp for this beautiful photo.

Pet Psychic / Animal Communicator

Talks With

Cecil The Lion


A client of mine asked me to speak with Cecil the Lion. I didn’t post it right away because it is a little sad.  Feelings can change very quickly in Heaven (or the other side) so it does not mean that Cecil continues to feel this way. It is just that at the moment that I contacted him this is where he was.  Also I must clarify that Cecil did cross over. He is not trapped in the in-between worlds anywhere.  This is just his path.

I would post a picture of him but I do not have any legal rights to any photo.  If any one would like share a photo with me for this post I would be so grateful.

Thank you for caring.

This is what Cecil said on 08-01-2015,

“For many hours my soul was exhausted and I tried to make sense of suffering, pain, the fight to live and how to defend my pride. I had thoughts that I did not know that I had inside of me. I had thoughts of being weak, being scared and fearful and being with out my life. I realized that death was coming and I felt strangely depressed. I didn’t know I was able to have emotions like that. I wonder if this is how my prey has felt. Being hunted by humans seemed so strange and out of nature. It felt like my environment and my home had been raided by foreign beings that did not belong in our lands.

When I had the tracking collar put on me I realized that man was not innocent. They did strange things that my mind could not comprehend. But I did not feel fear. I have seen people in awe of me and I never felt fear but when the people lured me with the dead carcass I thought they were helping me. I thought they realized that I had a weak female in my pride and they where helping me feed her. I did not need their help and that is where I went wrong. That is where my instincts as a lion crossed over from being natural. Normally I would not think about accepting food from humans.

When they put the light on me and shot me and I felt the pain.  The pain came more and more slowly. It was like it has a poison that ran all through my body and started to paralyze me. I tried to fight it off. When they sent me to heaven finally time I saw them for who they are and I crossed a river of great darkness. I crossed a river of great sickness and I realize that these men are sick men. If they were born in my pride I would have killed them long ago, but humans do not kill. They do not kill their mentally sick and they are allowed to keep breeding and it taints the gene pool. This does not happen in the wild.

I see that these men think that they are strong. They think that they have control of us but they don’t. they think that if they kill us that they control the nature and the energy that run through us but they do not understand our ways. They do not realize that what they do cuts away at their souls and the more they do it the darker their soul gets.

They do not realize that we are the purity that this earth has left. We are the planet. When they kill us they are poisoning the field of energy that runs through all things. I have seen your cities and have seen inside your homes and I fear for you and I fear now for my lands because the earth is so ill and there are so little people who are fighting for it to continuing breathing.

I see that so many people want to talk about how what happened to me is so unjust but this is a common practice and I am just one of hundreds. People want to rant and rave but they do nothing to actually create change. If there was something wrong in the environment in my pride we would move away or we would pray to the energy of life to bring back the health of the lands. All animals do this. We are one with our lands. But I watch people and they scream and rant and rave but nothing gets done and it is left up to a small percentage of people who have very little money and resources to keep fighting.

I am glad that people look at me and feel something but it will only bring me hope if people change their lives. Your world is very sick.”

I asked him, “What is your Heaven like?”

He responded,

“I have not fully rested for the shock of inhumanity of my death has pulled me to keep watching. The death continues and the dark energy around these being swarms my lands. All animals are in fear and I feel like it is up to me to watch over my land and to make sure that the animals feel safe.

I still feel the pain where the dark went through me and released its poison. I still feel the confusion of the intense pain.

An animal like me never leaves its pride. When a lion like me gets old and is taken down by a younger lion it is what is best for the pride. This is not best. The younger lion was not ready. He did not learn enough about himself or the pride to make such decisions.

If there is a heaven for me then I know that it is a place with out humans. Humans have moved so far away from their instincts and their true nature.

I am not going to tell you that I feel at peace. I will not feel peace until this is resolved. I understand that I am dead. I understand that I am not in body but my consciousness is very much still in my land and this is where I need to be. If I needed to be somewhere else. I would be somewhere else.

I want to tell people that in order for you to get the feeling of satisfaction in your life’s you have to stop being so selfish and start helping others. You need to look inside your own communities and make it a safer place. Once you can do that then you can branch out to the animals of the world. I know that there are people that fight to save the animals and make sure they do not suffer in the hands of others. For those people I am very thankful but there needs to be more of you. This needs to be a priority. People know longer know how to focus on tasks that heal that planet. They pursue more selfish goals. This is not about money. This is about keeping the energy of our ecosystem alive and healthy. Help others. Help the animals. Stay on task.”

UPDATE 9/11/15

Cecil says,

I am at the kingdom of the divine gate of love. I am at the center of the circle of love. I have arrows around and the ancient wisdom seekers and the beings of shamanic paths are guarding my temple of love. There is no fear where I am now. there is no judgement and no fighting with my inner sanctions. I am not afraid of my future of my pride or the future of the land where I was killed. I am big and bold and powerful and I am the protector of all. I watch over the people who fight for me. I watch over the organizations that write and protect me. I am there hero and their noble light source. I am the embodiment of wrong authority being persecuted and taking responsibility for their actions. I am energized by the human race who are touched my our plight. I am love. I give love and I receive love and I want all to know that there is no more pain in my soul. I am honored to be the symbol of the great destruction of the wild. I am honored to be the symbol of the fight and the empathy and the compassion that is growing with in people. I am honor. Thank you all for caring so deeply about me and others like me. I will forever watch over each individual and the organizations that fight for the wilds honor. I am a peace and no more tears need to be shade. Put your swords in your pocket and arm yourself with words and action to make changes. Hear me roar when you are close to change. For I am sure to be there walking beside you. I am your companion and your friend. I am free. Love is only within me now. The future will be kind. The future will be back to nature.”


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Laura On MTV The Girl Code

I, Laura Stinchfield The Pet Psychic, was on MTV's The Girl Code with Comedian Jessimae Pelusa and her dog Fozzie. Click to watch:

I, Laura Stinchfield The Pet Psychic, was on MTV’s The Girl Code with Comedian Jessimae Pelusa and her dog Fozzie.

Click to watch:

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Book Signing August 24th and 25th – Going To The Dogs


Everyone come out to

The Santa Barbara Botanic Gardens

Saturday August 24th


Rainbow Bridge Warehouse In Ojai on Sunday August 25th!


going-to-the-dogs image

Author Louise Heydt and myself

will be doing book signings of her new book

Going To The Dogs, An Incredible True Story.


Think you know your animal friends? The author did too. Then she met Laura Stinchfield, who calls herself The Pet Psychic, and her world became enriched in ways she never knew were possible. You will meet Kundun, selfless, big-hearted pit bull-greyhound rescue, Genji, a spirited Paso Fino gelding, rambunctious Rasa and shy, abused Tara, Catahoula Leopard Hound sisters who tell their stories in their own words with the help of animal communicator, Laura, and their mom. The journey begins with a move from the wilds of northern New Mexico to the Ojai Valley in California. Experience this family’s joy, pain, love, loss and the author’s odyssey of caring for them as all age and confront their limitations, traumas, hopes, dreams and absolute devotion to each other. You will cry. You will laugh. And you will never think about animals in the same way again. The sudden illness and untimely death of a member of this animal family leads to conversations on the Other Side and introduces the reader to an alternate reality so surprising that it may completely change whatever one believes Heaven is.

Saturday 12:30-2:30 at  Santa Barbara Botanic Garden 1212 Mission Canyon Road, Santa Barbara, California 93105

Sunday 10-12 Rainbow Bridge Warehouse 215 E Matilija St  Ojai, CA 93023

You can buy books at the event or purchase on Amazon by Clicking Here

Foreword by Laura Stinchfield:

In this book, Louise takes us on a spiritual journey of discovering the inner depths of our relationships with animals.  We follow her and her animals through illness, death, dying, surviving chaos, and the magical joy of experiencing living with our compassionate animals.  Many of us have regrets for the way we dealt with certain situations involving animals in our past. Louise is brutally honest with her readers about her shortcomings.  Through this extraordinary account, we learn that we can make amends with our animals. This is not only healing for our pets but also for us.

Following this family, we learn to grow, flourish, trust, and be strong while making decisions that anyone would dread.  We witness that our animals not only are understanding of our difficult decisions, but also are often an integral part of making these decisions.  Our animals are communicating with us all the time.  Sometimes we consciously know what they are saying and other times it is unconscious yet still happening.

I am a professional animal communicator / pet psychic.  This means I can telepathically talk to animals.  I can ask or tell them anything.  There is no limit to the consciousness of animals.  We see through my communications with Louise’s pets that animals can take on many voices.  One moment they can sound innocent like a child and then later offer advice like a wise sage.  We see them scared of illness and death but once they understand the process they open their hearts and trust.  They ground us in the present by asking for certain foods, to be read to and for walks in nature. They tell Louise to stretch and drink tea in order to be more centered and calm.  They open our eyes to different realms by talking about visits from spiritual beings, deceased loved ones on the other side, and by telling us what happens to them after death.  We learn that a golden thread always connects us and even death does not break the extraordinary bond we have with our animals.

This is a powerful story of elevating consciousness. While reading this wonderful book you will cry, laugh, be in wonder, forgive yourself and grow with Louise and her animal family. Once finished your heart will be open.  Undoubtedly your life and relationships with all animals will change in remarkable ways.  Enjoy. 


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Appearance On KTLA 5 Morning News

Luca and I on KTLA 5 Morning News

It was great to be at KTLA 5.  Such nice people!

Luca (my poodle) was scared of the swivel chair.  He has never sat on one before.  I prepped him before the segment that if he gets nervous to talk to Stormy my 13 year old Aussie dog.  He was really nervous.  My friends Ai and Kendra where off to the side with Stormy. So he kept looking to Stormy for his wise advice.  Stormy could not be on the segment because he is too big to sit on the chair.

Some of you may have remember that recently Luca has discovered himself in the mirror.  Click Here To See That Post. In front of the news desk there were three monitors that showed the broadcast.  Luca saw himself himself in them and got confused.  All and all I was very proud of him his first time on TV 🙂

Thank you KTLA 5 for having us on the Morning News and for being so wonderful during our time at your studio!

Thank you Ai and Kendra for coming to support me and for taking care of the Stormy and Luca when I was busy.  You are the best!


Storm, Luca and I outside the KTLA 5 Studio and by their tower.

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I will be on KTLA 5 Morning News this Sunday at 7:35 am pst.

Please LIKE and POST QUESTIONS for me on their facebook page – click here

They may read them on the air!

Tune in and watch me this sunday at 7:35 am

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Haunted Paranormal South 05-09-12

Haunted Paranormal South 05-09-12


This is a great podcast!  I am the guest on John and Stacey’s Edwards Haunted South Radio Show. Laura talks to their dog about her life with the family and spirits in their house. Amy the beagle even believes in Big Foot!

If you have any interest in the paranormal you have to listen to their show:

Haunted South’s website:

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Stop Elephant Rides At The Orange County Fair

Fair Meeting  March 22nd 

Orange County Fair Board voted 6 to 1 to ban elephant rides at the fair – effective immediately!

Thank you Alison Stanley & all that spoke!


Fair and Tender Elephants

by Laura Stinchfield

Animal Trainer and Pet Psychic at

On Thursday, March 22, there will be a meeting of the Orange County Fair board, which will talk about discontinuing the elephant rides provided by the company Have Trunk will Travel.

Have Trunk Will Travel owns the elephant that was in the movie Water for Elephants.  This company has been in the news due to shocking video footage that appears to show gross, inhumane training methods.  These methods include beating elephants with bullhooks and electrically shocking them to get them to obey commands.

I imagine that the argument for offering elephant rides at a county fair is because we humans enjoy this activity – we as individuals are in awe and in gratitude that such beautiful massive creatures allow us on their backs.  As a child, I rode several elephants.  I have felt their steady sway beneath my body, stroked my fingers over their sensitive toes, and entwined my arms with their hairy expressive trunks.  I remember grasping onto my mother’s soft hands as we walked away and telling her, “The elephants are so sad. Did you see their eyes?”  When I close my eyes today I can still see them – wrinkled and dull-looking, a bit like my old babysitter’s eyes after she had a heart attack and told us she couldn’t babysit us any longer.

Today we might argue that we allow this cruel pastime for the pleasure of the children.  But if we ask children today to look into the eyes of these elephants and to tell us how they feel, the children will almost always respond with phrases like,  “The elephant is sad,” “Is the elephant mad?” or “I am scared.”It does not matter to me how the company Have Trunks Will Travel responded to the allegations that they abuse their animals with harsh training methods.   The fact is that the humane training of exotic animals is a very new field; shocking elephants in their genitals and beating them with bull hooks are the methods most experienced animal handlers are accustomed to using.

Almost all of Have Trunks Will Travel’s elephants are over 30 years old.  That means that there is a high probability that these animals were trained inhumanely.  When you train an animal with abuse, the animal does not have time to process new information; this leads to confusion in taking on new stimulation in the present and in the future.  These animals can have post-traumatic stress syndrome.

The elephants’ greatest sense is their sense of smell. Imagine the stress of trying to decipher all the smells at a county fair.  Perfumes, unnatural foods, the rides, gas and oil …  Can we guarantee that a smell, sight, or sound at a county fair will not bring back an old memory that will elicit an elephant to react into fight or flight mode?  Indeed, all you have to do is Google elephant attacks and you will see numerous elephants exploding at zoos, circuses, and fairs.

What if, after 30 years, one of the Have Trunks Will Travel elephants just can’t take it anymore?  What if an elephant just snaps, and takes off with someone on his or her back? No company can guarantee the safety of onlookers.

Elephants are the largest land mammals on earth. They are designed to live their lives in the wildlands of Asia and Africa.  Can we really convince ourselves that animals created to roam great distances rooting the earth and eating the bark off of trees – either as loners (the males) or involved in close and complex social interactions (the females) – enjoy carrying complete strangers around a crowded smelly fair?

Our common sense will tell us they do not. But most adults must have become so busy in their lives that they have lost their empathetic eye for sadness and anger in others. Or perhaps these same adults make fantasies in their heads that these elephants are happy – and that the younger generations also delight in this cruel, miserable pastime. This is not based on reality.

If you have any questions on this matter, take your children to see these animals live and up-close, and ask your children, “What do you think of the elephants?” Then listen and take to heart their answers.

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Event ~ Talk ~ April 17th

Tuesday, April 17, 2012
7:00pm until 8:30pm

Ojai Holistic Healing Center 107 W Aliso Street OJAI, CA 93023

Laura will be talking about her life as a pet psychic / animal communicator.

She will tell when she first knew she could talk to animals and explain how she hears them.

Give you tips on how you can talk to your own pets as well as how to read their signals to understanding what they are saying.

Address common behavioral problems and issues such as death and dying.

There will be a question and answer portion where attendees can ask Laura and her dogs, Stormy or Luca, any question they desire.

Laura dedicates her life to helping humans and animals to understand each-other better. After attending this talk you will be able to understand the worlds animals in a more complete way.

Cost $15.

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No Pet Psychic Walk In Hours Wednesday 2/29

No walk in hours this wednesday.  I am in NY.  I am going to be the animal expert on an episode of the The Bill Cunningham talk show!

Think good things :)!

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Best Dressed Atlantan Brings His Standard Poodle To Laura

Video of my session with standard poodle Simone in Atlanta and her dad E Vincent Martinez. 

In June of 2009, E. Vincent Martinez launched The fashion inspired website has grown to include celebrity interviews, movie reviews, travel and entertainment. Fashionado also follows Martinez through all of his adventures and fabulous fashion parties. In 2010, fashionado was named Best Fashion Blog by the Atlanta Fashion Awards and it also made the list of the Top 100 Fashion Bloggers Worldwide by Sparkah, a marketing firm in NYC.

Most recently (summer 2011) E. Vincent Martinez was named one of the best dressed Atlantans by the Atlanta Journal Constitution’s Access Atlanta.

I had a pet psychic session with Vincent Martinez and his standard poodle Simone.  Vincent recently blogged about this session on

Click Here To See His Blog Post

Vincent wrote in his blog post:

“Lick, yawn and blink,” instructed pet psychic Laura Stinchfield to my black standard poodle, Simone. Also known as an animal communicator, we spent nearly thirty minutes with Laura.

Earlier in the day, Laura Stinchfield did the Atlanta media circuit with appearances on radio and morning tv shows. She encountered a skeptic or two along the way, though probably just for ratings sake.

So, I went into this meeting with an open mind. I was actually excited and eager to learn what my dog might be thinking or feeling!

Laura said that Simone’s intelligence is strong and it forces her to over-think everything which causes her to be overly cautious and fearful of her surroundings. [Made perfect sense to me.] That’s where the instructions/homework to “lick, yawn and blink” came to play. Those actions are “calming signals” as explained in the video. Laura asked Simone to enjoy just being a dog.

Of course, I was curious about the communication process. You’ll notice in the video that Laura gets close to Simone’s face and whispers things that only she can hear. They were completely focused on one another. At times Laura would speak out loud for both of us to hear. I was amazed with Simone’s captivated behavior. Never has this happened with a stranger.

Laura explained how she and animals communicate. She discovered at an early age that she could talk with her pets through the ability to see images that are in their head [that tell a story]. Additionally, Laura can hear their thoughts… but she added that pets will not betray an owners trust by revealing private moments or situations. A comforting thought!

At the end of the session, Simone gave Laura a lick on the face. I was shocked. She rarely licks. That was all the evidence I needed to know that something had happened. That a connection had been made.

Are you wondering if Simone’s behavior changed after the session with Laura? The answer is yes. Yes because I left with a better understanding of how to relate to my pet. I wouldn’t mind a follow up session. Laura may be returning to Atlanta early in the new year so I may get that chance. And you!

Simone and I

Simone and I


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New Release ~ My Friend’s Book ~ A Must Read

Kim and her daughter Talia

My good friend has just released her extraordinary book, “Hummingbirds Don’t Fly In The Rain” .

Kim lost her daughter Talia Klein in a plane crash December 23, 2007.  This book is about her story and her connection with Talia before and after the crash.  It is a must read.  Below is an article she has written for a woman’s magazine. Please enjoy it here:


For many people, the arrival of the holiday season brings with it a mixed bag of emotions: excited, anticipatory, joyous and hopeful feelings, as well as feelings of dread, loneliness, and the wishful thought that the time period between Halloween and New Year’s would just disappear. For whatever reason, everyone deals with the holidays his or her own way. But having a loved one that has passed away throws an entirely new set of emotions into the already crowded mix. Especially when that loved one is your child.

During the holiday season it is more common than not to finish a conversation or a visit with a statement like, Have a great holiday, or Merry Christmas, or Happy Hanukkah! Those words flow naturally from person to person, usually without a thought to what they actually mean. But when the person on the receiving end of those words is someone that has lost a loved one, they can set off a whole set of feelings and emotions that for most of the year have been “under control.”

It is even more difficult if your loved one actually passed away during the holidays—which is what happened to me.

It was December 23, 2007 when I got the call no one ever wants to get. The following excerpt from my book Hummingbirds Don’t Fly In the Rain describes what happened when the phone rang:

I picked up the phone; it was Bob Klein, my ex-husband Michael’s father.

“Kim, something terrible has happened. The plane with Michael and Frankie—“

My mouth went dry. “What about Talia? Where’s Talia?” I pleaded, not understanding why he hadn’t mentioned my daughter—his granddaughter—only her friend, Francesca Lewis.

“Talia was with Michael and Frankie, but their plane never landed in Volcan. It’s missing.”

My heart stopped. My brain stopped. I stared into space with the phone at my ear, unable to speak….

What started as a regular holiday season for me ended up being the worst time of my life. After nearly three days of not knowing where my daughter’s plane was and whether or not she was alive, I found out, on Christmas Day, that she had in fact, died. Now not only had the worst thing that could ever happen to me happened, it had happened during the holidays! I would forever have to deal with the pain of losing my daughter, the memory even more vivid every year at the anniversary of her death—the same time the world was celebrating!

I had no idea how I was going to be able to go on, let alone deal with the holidays, every year! But something happened to heal me. To help me get through the holidays. And every other day of the year. It was my daughter.

Another excerpt from Hummingbirds describes what happened :

“…. Since the very moment I realized Talia was “dead,” I began receiving many messages from her through various sources, all of which have built on one other and been confirmed by one other. When looked at both alone and as a whole, they have proven to me that not only is Talia actually telling people the messages they relay to me, but, beyond that, those messages are in every way totally, completely, and irrevocably Talia. I know, deeper in my heart and soul than I can even describe, that Talia is communicating to me and, most important, that she is not “dead,” but more alive and amazing now than she was with me here on earth . . . . From the moment I really understood she was gone, I went from not believing in life after death to absolutely believing in it. I knew that the messages Talia was sending me from beyond were from her, and so very real.”

My daughter continued to send me messages, through Laura and and another medium, a friend called “G,” and as time went on her messages grew in length, in depth and in meaning. The messages from her went from loving messages meant for me alone, to more detailed messages of love, joy, the meaning of life, and statements that there is no death, meant for anyone and everyone who wished to read them. In fact, she wanted her conversations to be made available to everyone, so they have been put together in another book, called, The Universe Speaks: A Heavenly Dialogue.

So, what if you did not have to keep your feelings of loss and sadness “under control,” at all? What if you no longer had those feelings? What if your feelings were those of love, gratitude, happiness and hope? What if every time you heard your loved one’s name you smiled, you laughed, and the tears that began to stream from your eyes were not tears of sadness but tears of joy for them, not about them?  This is possible.

When you lose a loved one, a hole is left in your heart. That hole can either stay empty, bringing you sadness, or you can fill it with the knowledge that your loved one is not dead as we know it, but very much alive and living a life much more grand and beautiful than the one here, on earth in the body. That is what happened to me. That is what can happen to you.

Copyright Kimberly Klein 2011

You can order Kim’s book on Amazon or on her website:

Kimberly Klein



You can also read what Talia’s animals had to say after the crash.  Click Here


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Talk At Krotona

Talk Tomorrow Oct. 25 7pm
at Krotona The Theosophical Society Of America

My Life with Animals

Animals don’t just belong to us; they are our companions and fellow-beings on the great evolutionary journey. This evening Laura Stinchfield will share with us highlights of her career as a pet psychic, emphasizing what she has learned about animals and the Spirit which unites us with them.

Come out and hear me. Stormy will also be there is answer questions.

Stormy has a lot of wisdom to share!

On donation at

46 Krotona Hill
Ojai, CA 93023


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Police hunting escaped exotic animals in Ohio. Animal Voices

I turned on the news this morning which I never do and have heard that there are over 50 exotic animals free from their enclosures in Ohio. They caretaker found dead in his house.



Among the animals bears (grizzly and black), all species of big cats, wolves, camels,…)




I ask the animals,  “What happened?”

Not The Grizzly Spoken To

Grizzly bear:  “There was a woman and her friend that came through in a caged atv and started to let us free. She cut the locks of our cages and she told us to run.  she was laughing as we all ran out of our cages.  At first we confused and then we were happy until the big cats started to fight.  Many of them where hissing and growling at each-other and there was at least one death and the cats where dragging the others around.  The wolves ran the farthest in their pack and I am sure that many of them are freed with out being killed. There are two more types of cats.  The timid ones that stayed in their cages frightened to get out and then the others that ran into the forest to hide.  There are some that are still free. I can see them in my mind hiding behind shrubs and laying low in fear from the gun shots.

There have been so many men that have come in in truck loads they have opened fired and have been cheering each-other when they have made a kill. 

Only a few of them are wiping their eyes in tears of the carnage but no one is noticing those men because the other men are having fun hunting us down and killing us. 

They are no better than the man who have kept us here. 

The woman let us free because many of us have begun to starve.  They have been feeding us less deer and she knew something drastic needed to happen in order for this to stop.  She could no longer see us suffering anymore.  She did what she thought would be the fastest way to put us out of our misery.  So many of us have been sick and starving.”

Not The Bengal Spoken To

Bengal tiger:  “I have been shot and wounded on my leg and am in the woods up high hiding.  They are coming after us with dogs.  I saw my mother fight and kill a larger African Lion that was always spraying our cage.  He was in the cage next to us and my mother never liked him. 

The smaller cats are in the trees also. Many of them will not be found.  They are good at camouflage and the dogs do not know how to smell them different than a bob cat.  This is my opinon. 

I am too large and my leg is dripping. I know I will die because I can feel them closer. 

The gun shots have made us run farther away than we would normally run.  One cat has killed a baby deer and another a small dog.  I have seen it from this tree.  We have always wanted to hunt.  There have been men that have been hunting us that have walked under some cats and even a cat with a kill with them in the tree. 

We all know that we will die and we are ok with it.  I speak for only some of us.  I can feel all there feelings like a mass wave. 

Our freedom finially has come with more fear and smell of death than we could imagine but we do not want to feel the hunger in our bellies anymore. 

We were dying and the woman who set us free did it out of love.  She knew there was no other way to end our suffering.  She did not think that that we would live.  She did not want to see us caged anymore.  She let snakes free too.  This compound had so many animals free.  There is a giraffe as well – In a dark barn.  There are other animals shaking with in fear. 

I may come down soon and let them shoot me.”



As Of 10/20/11

18 Bengal tigers…….Dead

9 male lions………….Dead

8 female lions……….Dead

6 black bears………..Dead

3 mountain lions…..Dead

2 grizzly bears………Dead

1 baboon……………….Dead

1 wolf…………………….Dead

1 grizzly bear…..Captured

3 leopards………Captured

2 monkeys………Captured

1 monkey……………Missing (they think this monkey may have been eaten)

1 grey wolf…………Missing

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Voices of Police Horses At Occupy Wall Street NYC

I have been asked by several people to talk to the polices horses that were being ridden into the crowd at Occupy Wall Street in NY City on Oct. 15, 2011.

I have chosen this video because it filmed up close to the horses. Though there are other videos that show one horse falling to his knees and stumbling to get back up before he is ridden back into the front line and back into the crowd.


Here are the voices of the some of the horses.

Horse Number One (horse being pet) says, “I have had to chase down people before.  I have seen people on drugs and people with guns. I have seen it all.  That day was one of the saddest days in my life.  I didn’t see drugs or guns. I just saw people who were hurting inside and I did not understand why we were being forced into the crowd.  I did not understand why there was anger to so many people who are clearly passionate.  I did my job because that is what I always do.  Though I can not help but recall the anger of my rider while so many people thought I was beautiful and brave.  It does not make sense to me.  I have seen my rider rightfully jump off of me and take people down who are bad.  I am glad that this did not happen and we did not do that much harm. I still do not understand.  It is the intention and direction of energy that I understand in people.  The people my officer has gone after before have been confused, possessed almost, angry and dirty.  These people were just sad and I dont know… they seem to want something that… seems right… but I dont understand what that is.”

Horse Number Two Horse that fell says, “I have fallen before I am fine.  I can fall and lift myself up.  It was my fault. I lost myself.  I got confused.  I didn’t understand what we were doing and I spun around so that I wouldn’t hurt people.  I have never been told to hurt people before.  It is not like my officer.  He does not want to hurt people.  I dont understand what happened.  I do not understand why so many people where in one place.  They did not seem like they wanted to steal or that they wanted to fight.  I dont understand the cause.  I have been trying to figure out why my officer pushed me into the crowd and I dont think he knows either.”

Horse Number Three (Black Horse) says, “One time my officer and I went down an alley and were shot at.  I knew what a gun noise was. I had been warned.  The bullet didn’t hit me but it scared both my officer and I. 

I will never forget the smell of his fear.  He had no fear the other day when we were in the crowd. So I did not have any fear.  I couldn’t understand why we were going into the crowd but I thought that maybe he did. But I dont think he did.  The people they seemed angry but in a non threatening way.  When I close my eyes to sleep, I feel my rider spurring me into a barricade and into people.  I feels like a strange dream.  I hated that I stepped on a few people.  When they got out of the way they touched me softly.  It was so different than the other people we go after.  It was like all the nice people on the street where all in one place and the officers didn’t like that.  I dont understand.”

My thoughts:

I would also like to share my feeling towards this incident with the horses.  By reading their body language they looked extremely brave and calm.  I thought about war horses and perhaps they were like this.  The NY City horses are strong, athletic, young and confident.  The New York City Police Horses knew that they had a job that sometimes would put them in great danger.

I watched on the video them licking their lips to calm themselves while holding their heads high to keep a good eye on the crowd.  I watched their ears move in different directions surveying their surroundings.

The horse that fell, I noticed as he was being spurred into the crowd that he fought with his officer.  He would pull back and the officer would spur and kick him forward.  I watched in his body language him get confused.  I watched him not agree with his rider (maybe the first time) and not know what to do with the conflict.  It was in that moment that he shook his head back and forth to get away from the bit and “lost” himself. I watched his eyes loose focus and get what I call the crazy border collie look.  When their heads and eyes are in a million different direction and their eyes are not focusing on anything at all .  In this an animals brain crashes.  He did what he should do when his brain crashes, change direction and recollect himself.  That is when he spun around to flee.  His rider fought him so he tripped.  He got up like he said he did and pulled himself together fast.  Taking a breath and starting over. And his rider headed him right back to the front line again.  The horse stood collected.

I watched the horses being pet by people as they were pushed further into the crowd.  The horses barely flinched or accepted the pets welcoming.  I noticed the contrast of crowds gentle strokes and the police officers abrupt shoves.

It was clear to me that the horses were not scared of the crowd.  They reminded me of a how one of my good guy friends in high-school with be while protecting me for some reason.  Holding their ground.  Not truly taking sides, but would assertively do so when the necessary time came.

I watched the video once with little emotion.  Then a second time I watched it getting a good look at the horses and their eyes so that I could talk to them.  The third time I watched again calling out to them to see which one would like to speak.

Then I started to cry.  When this happens I always feel a little displaced from myself.  It is not always my tears that flow through me.  It sometimes is the animals, or the dead being, or the crowd, or an individual.  My telepathy receptors integrate others feelings into my body so my body reacts.  Its not really me. 

I took a deep breath with tears breaching my eyes and I asked myself, “Whose tears are these?”

and all I heard myself say is, “I am so sorry that we humans put you in situations like this.  I am so sorry.”

My tears were my tears because the horses could not understand the situation.  Animal consciousness is vast.  Animals can understand complex issues, but this incident made no sense to them.  Their officers confused them.  To the horses the officers seemed to be acting out of character and this makes me wonder how kind people in authority can change to acting out anger with raw emotion.  Clear communication somehow gets lost and the worst of people can bubble to the surface.

Do I feel like these horses are OK?  Yes, I think they are fine.

Do I feel like they were put in a situation that was not right?  Yes, I feel like their loyalty and acts of service has been dishonored.

Do I feel like there is a place for police horses?  Yes, if they are respected and cared for humanely.

I feel like there is a part of the horses innocence that has been destroyed here.  They were forced to walk and trample into a crowd of kind people.  I think that alone can trick and confuse any being.  

Do I believe these horses know right from wrong?  I do.

Do I believe the believe this was wrong?  Yes, I do

What can YOU do?

Look at the horses images.  Hold them in your mind and send them love.  Thank them for their service and tell them its OK to be confused.  It didn’t make sense.  Its OK.  Tell them they were brave.  Tell them you are proud of them.  And then imagine only the best scenarios for them in their future.


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ATLANTA 10/07/11!

Hi my friends,

If you are interested:

Here are the links to hear and watch me in Atlanta.  10/07/11  🙂

Q100’s The Bert Show –

Radio with audio and pictures: 

Click Here


Video of CBS morning news with Weather Man Justin Lock and his dog Maia: 

Click Here

Laura, Maia, & Justin CBS Atlanta

11am -2pm
Join Yogli Mogli and famed pet psychic Laura Stinchfield
for a one on one private readings with you and your dog (or bring photos of your other pet that does not travel well)
at Yogli Mogli Sandy Springs
6595 Roswell Rd NE
A $20 donation is requested and will benefit
Canine Companions for Independence Atlanta Chapter

Thank You, Atlanta! You are wonderful! 

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October 2nd. I’ll be doing Readings!

The Blessing of the Animals Brings Pet Lovers Together

Join KRLA Radio’s Warren Eckstein to pay tribute to all animals.


Sunday, October 2, 2011    Noon – 5 PM

AT The Los Angeles Pet Cemetery – 5068 Old Scandia Lane Calabasas, CA

The blessing ceremony will be conducted by Reverend Stacy Christopher & Kathy Lyons & Rabbi Barry Tuchman. They will be blessing living pets as well as those who have passed on. Participants are encouraged to bring their well-behaved leashed and caged pets, as well as collars, toys or pictures of their deceased loved ones.


THE BLESSING OF THE ANIMALS honors a longtime tradition stemming from the days of St Francis of Assisi, who was known as a lover and protector of animals and nature.

Participants include:

  • Singer Cali Rose “The Doggie Doo Blues”
  • Celebrity Pet Photographer Erin Tomanek
  • Reverend Stacy Christopher & Kathy Lyons & Rabbi Barry Tuchman
  • Animal Communicators Laura Stinchfield 🙂
  • LAPD K-9 Unit
  • LAPD Mounted Platoon
  • Kissing Booth
  • Face Painting for The Kids
  • Pet Adoptions will be offered by 20+ local Animal Rescue Groups
  • Food and Beverages
  • Raffle Prizes and More !


Los Angeles Pet Memorial Park
5068 Old Scandia Lane
Calabasas CA 91302
(818)591-7037/Fax (818)591-7085

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Welcome Cory & Kate Fans!

To All Fans of 





Thanks for Stopping By!


A lot of you have been writing me, subscribing to my YouTube Channel  “petpsychic” Click Here and listening to my radio shows on blog talk Click Here

What would you like to see on this website? 

Any questions you want answered, blogged about, or vlog about?

Please respond in the comment section.  Thanks!

To all of you that do not know Cory Williams & Kate  they are popular Youtubers that have recently Featured me in their videos.

Cory’s video I am featured at 6:26 into the video:



Kate’s Video I am featured at 9:33



Cory Williams Is Famous For His TheMeanKitty YouTube Channel. Which I think is hysterical.  He does a lot of good for animals 🙂  His cats Sparta & Loki are the highlights of the show.  G rated.


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