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Sam and Sis

This is Sam the Yorki and Sis the poodle. We asked Sis if she was her people’s previous dog Sparky who died 5 days before she was born.

Sis replied, “You see I am very much a spiritual dog. I live in two different worlds. Do you see me? I am a miracle. The thing is my mom and I have been very close and I just felt like no one could replace me so I needed to come back fast and Sam he wanted me back. He kept saying don’t leave and so I decided I wouldn’t.”

Reincarnation is common. Even though the journey of the soul is extremely complex our animals do make it back to us. Some remember their past lives, others do not, some have memories as they age. I have seen it many times and am always amazed. Our lives and relationships are miracles! Thank you, Sis for the reminder!

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This is Hank. He died in November 2013 at 7 years old.

Here he talks about his lessons in Heaven and his goals for his next life,

“I want to be a wilderness rescue dog!”

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Tilly – Reincarnation








This is Tilly a 6 month old female. Is she a reincarnation of one of her person’s previous dogs? Perhaps. As time goes on reincarnated animals remember more of their past lives. What she says is common feeling of animals are reunited with their people. ️️️

Tilly says, “I recognized my mom’s smell instantly. I felt like I knew her from another time. I dont have memories of a past life but I have a sense of knowing that I am really smart and that my mom is my soul person. When she talks, I feel very comfortable. I feel like she understands me. When I dont understand myself I feel like she guides me into figuring it out.”

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Pet Psychic Radio 01-16-14 – Pet Reincarnation



New Pets Podcasts with The Pet Psychic on BlogTalkRadio


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12-05-13 Pet Psychic Radio

12-5- 13 Pet Psychic Radio Show!

We had a great show today! We spoke to some animals from heaven, two dogs that have reincarnated back to their people, Bijou the Papillon who bolted from his pet sitter and was missing in the wildness for five days and others.

Click On Arrow Below To Listen To The Show:





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Lily's Last Picture

Lily was 4 years old when she dies.  She says from heaven,

“I would like to come back to my mom because I feel like my mom and I are a big part of each-other and I feel like life is fun. I was not old and hurting and ready to go. The old lady said to me not to worry that there are many lessons that people need to learn and I am helping them learn the lessons. The vet and the vet techs needed to learn a lesson.”

Lily sadly died during a routine teeth cleaning.  The old lady she mentioned is a woman that met her Lily the other side.  This could either be an either an ancestor of Lily’s human family or an angel of some sorts.  Often when a being passes there is some lesson to be learned.  Perhaps the animal hospital had to learn a lesson or a vet tech needed to experience death for the first time, the list of lessons is endless.  Lily in heaven may or may not learn why exactly she had to pass early.  The longer our spirit resides in heaven or on the other side the more knowledge comes to us.  Perhaps she will know in time.  She also can come back.  Just like she says.

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Fred says, “I actually think I am many lives old. I think mom and I lived together a long time ago in a place that was Buddhist.  I feel this cause I feel my mom is very connected with breath and with being mindful. I feel like I knew that with her. I almost think we were temple cats.”

Fred has since transitioned to heaven.  May he soar with the angels and visit his person in every breath she takes.

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Maia is back… Energy Flows Both Ways

My animal family and I have decided to keep the six-month-old poodle. His name is Luca, meaning light in Italian. It is hard to imagine that my Maia, a 115-pound wolf dog, would come back as a 30-pound poodle.

In the wilderness I am a bit worried that Luca is coyote/mountain lion bait, where Maia was my protector. When Maia was around we had certain rules around the house to keep the neighborhood safe from her unpredictable (for a mere human) behaviors. The dogs had to wait on the front porch until the hatch of the Jeep was up and I gave them a sign to run and enter the car, and when they got out of the car they were under strict orders to run across the driveway, across the front yard, and up to the front porch to wait for me. Stormy, my Aussie, is not aggressive, so since Maia’s passing I have been more lackadaisical about this rule with him. But Luca does it naturally, still following this routine with prompting from neither Storm nor I.

When I look at Luca out of the corner of my eye, I sometimes see Maia smiling. But I still miss my wolf-dog. I don’t know what I expected from reincarnation, but it is bittersweet to me. It is a wonder they can come back to us, but I wish they lived longer in their bodies.

I ask my animals, “What have you learned about reincarnation?”


Serafina, my youngest cat, says, “I learned that if you suffered in life, when you come back to life you can come back more playful and with no pain in your body from your past.”



Joey, my oldest cat, says, “When you come back you forget memories of your old life. It must be odd when others remember you, and you don’t.”


Makia, my whitest cat, says, “I learned that in heaven you can become more tame. I believe Maia did a lot of work in heaven to come back the way she did. I am proud of her, but I also miss her old self.”


Bean, my bunny, says, “Sometimes when Luca looks at me I see Maia. I remember being your bunny once before. I believe his memories of being Maia will come back to him slowly.”


Stormy, my 12-year-young Aussie says, “I have learned when you come back you have to start friendships all over but they grow faster. You have to learn to trust each other again. Maia learned how to be happy around people by watching me in her old life. She brought back that wisdom into her new life as Luca. I see my friendly eyes in Luca now.”


Luca, the new poodle, says, “I vaguely remember places and people and I greatly remember being agile. When I came to this family I instantly felt more smart and aware. If I lived with you before, I hope I remember. There is an angel around me that says that I will remember my old life and my life in heaven when I am a little older. They say I must have new experiences first. I feel special but I also feel young compared to the other animals in the house.”


Maia in heaven says, “Every moment the family enjoys Luca I feel more vibrant. Every time Luca learns something I too have more wisdom. There is a flow of energy between us. Right now it is mostly only directed one way. Luca’s experiences flow to me. It is too early to let my wisdom completely flow to him. I have been integrated with all my past lives. I remember them all. As Luca lives, my higher self becomes greater. Once he has a solid basis of learning and being an individual in the world, my life as Maia and all our past lives will integrate more with Luca in your world. Luca is me. I am Luca. This is our path toward enlightenment, awareness, and expansive consciousness.

“I do laugh when I see how he is not that familiar with the forest. Mom, do not worry. I will make sure he remembers to listen, smell, and see like a wolf. All things in time. I will be back even more.”

How strange and wonderful for us all. Maia stretched my awareness in her last life; it seems she is my greatest teacher in her new life as well.

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Is Our New Puppy Maia Reincarniated? Day 2

Maia, my late wolf dog from heaven, told me that she was coming back into body. She told me where to find her, how she would be cared for, when she would come back, and what she would look like. I found the pup. He is a six-month-old poodle. He is smartest six-month-old puppy I have ever worked with. In two days, he is housebroken, walks on leash, and knows the commands “off” and “wait.”

Though he doesn’t know he is Maia, and after two days of having him home, my animal family and I are confused. We are tired and torn. We don’t want give back “Maia,” but we want to be happy. He has a lot of energy for this older household, and he takes me away from work. We have until Sunday to decide. Here my animals tell what they think:

Stormy, my 12-year-old Aussie says, “I like him. I think he is very intelligent but it is hard to have him in the house because he plays with all my toys, wants to eat my food, and is always following you around. He is faster than me and it makes me feel old. Sometimes I think he is Maia, but it makes me sad that it is not the Maia I used to know. It is a different dog, but I see her in him. It makes me miss Maia even more. I don’t want him here cause it makes me feel old like I am going to die soon.”

Joey, oldest cat, says, “I think it is definitely Maia ’cause when he runs around he reminds me of Maia but more graceful. I can hear Maia saying she is him. I think we should keep him, but I am going to stay up high until Serafina, Stormy, and you train him not to bother me. It’s Maia. I see it.”

Serafina, youngest cat, says, “I am not sure what to think. Maia was more intense and I had to look out for her teeth, and this dog runs away from me when I hiss at it. I have to hide a lot because I am worried that he will open his teeth; but he doesn’t. I think we should keep him because if he is Maia and Maia becomes more conscious in that body, she will be very sad we gave her away. What if we want to come back one day? We wouldn’t want you to give us up just because it is hard and confusing in the beginning.”

Makia the cat says, “I think that it is Maia and that it is going to take us time to get used to her in a new body. I keep getting scared he will hurt me, but I have seen that he has not hurt me. It is strange because he doesn’t talk to us like he is Maia and that is very sad to me. I can hear Maia from far away and I want to hear her from in his body. Will that happen?”

Bean says, “He does not look anything like Maia. Maia was much bigger and Maia chased me sometimes and also lay with me sometimes. When he barks he makes me nervous, but when I am outside with him loose, I feel safe. Maia knew more about nature. He just knows about the house. I’m fine with him being here as long as he is quiet.”

The puppy says, “I want to stay here really badly. I have been trying hard to be good. I think that older dog is very wise and I want to be like him. I didn’t know animals could talk so much to each other. I feel like they know me and I know them but I don’t know how. I wonder if this Maia was smart. I don’t know how I could be one dog and then another. How does that work?”

Maia, from heaven, says, “There are many parts of our soul. He is just one part of mine, but we are all connected. If the part of my soul that is “Maia” goes into his body, I will have to bring the fears and territorial wolf behavior in with me. Right now only the best of me came back into that dog. He has to grow and experience life in a new way, and then I can be more integrated. It is truly me inside that dog. I am scared you are going to give me up. I am scared that you all don’t love me. But I can see it is strange. The more he is happy with you, the more me as “Maia” is happy here in heaven. It is like we feed each other. I am in my over-soul. Please trust the process. Stormy and the cats and Bean will be okay. Please trust that it is me.”

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Do Animals Reincarnate?

Hi Laura,

A question that haunts me: Do animals choose the circumstances they end up in just like humans do before reincarnating?



– – –

Let’s ask my animals this question.

Makia the cat says, “I am not sure if I choose it or if it was chosen for me. I remember being in heaven and wanting to live someplace tropical with beautiful flowers, butterflies, and birds. Then I remember this big tabby cat telling me I had to go and meet you and you don’t live in a place like that. I remember being disappointment but saying okay. I am happy I live with you because I feel like I am wiser than I would have been anywhere else, but I still wish we lived somewhere tropical.”

Serafina the cat says, “I don’t remember heaven, but I bet I did because when you found me, I thought, ‘There is my mom. She’ll take me home now.’ So I am sure I did choose my life. I don’t remember choosing being thrown out of a car but it led me to you so maybe I did.”

Joey the cat says, “Yes, I remember it well. I said I want to be brave in this life, so that big tabby cat Makia talked about said to me, ‘Then we will put you in a home with crazy kids to create fear and then we will put you in a good home so that you can become brave.’ I am very brave now. I also remember deceased human spiritual masters telling me that I would teach people that animals have thoughts and feelings. They said it was a big job.”

Bean the rabbit says, “I don’t know why I would ever choose to be treated roughly by people. That sounds ridiculous. God must have been mad at me. I am sure I chose to live with you—someone that gives me treats and salad mix every night. Every moment I choose to be grateful and trusting rather than nervous and scared. Maybe I chose the first experience so that I know the value of trust and gratitude.”

Storm the Aussie dog says, “I remember looking at people and choosing you. I remember talking to a being about living with a wolf dog and being her teacher. I remember how the angels told me I would be a dog that would help many beings smile and feel complete. I know I chose my life. I didn’t choose every experience because I think we all have free will when we are here, but I definitely chose my life and what I would learn and give during it. I always strive to make others happy. That is my job. You have to make wise decisions once you are here.”

Maia wolf dog from heaven says, “I have chosen all of my lives. The reason why I chose to be beaten and abused during my past life is because I had to learn that someone would not give up on me and that I could transcend anything. It was a test in faith and perseverance for my person and myself. I had to endure a great amount of suffering so that my spirit would know great pain. My spirit needed to know this so that in my next life I can spread hope and the image of a much greater life for those who suffer. My person had to experience that as well. We may not choose every incident, but we choose our general lessons. Storm is right. Then it is up to us to make wiser decisions and grow—otherwise our suffering will continue for lifetimes. It is important to value good teachers and your own inner strength. Our lives once we get to earth are we what we make of them.

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Rexter On Reincarnation


Rexter says he has reincarnated in a puppy body.  He explains

“This is something really special. I am in a puppy and I know how it works.  We have many lives connected to our soul and what happens is my Rex will always be here but then I have other parts that come alive to teach my greater soul lessons and then I keep getting smarter with the little lives and little pieces of my greater self until we all merge into one. Laura, what you are doing is helping us great souls merge faster into one and remember our other fragments and lives.”

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Many people want their animal to reincarnate back to them. Surprisingly, I have seen it happen. A friend of mine added a new Visla to her family. As I watched this dog mature she mentioned how her new experiences were “familiar” to her. She reminded me of my old Visla friend not only in looks but in temperament as well. Though the two dogs have clearly different personalities.

Then a deceased horse who shared with me, “God asks me why I am so sad; and when I told him it is because I am away from my person he told me to go back to her because no one should be sad in heaven.” Over a few sessions this horse told me clues to find the farm he (now a she) will be born at, what she will look like, what her mother will look like, and around the week she will be born. It all happened, and when human and filly saw each other for the first time they had an instant recognition.

Then there is the Doxi whose person is so distraught about his death that he too will manifest his return. His person will learn about his whereabouts from a friend; he will be a long-legged doxi mix who can run fast. This happened. I saw them joyfully together. He shared with me bits about what he remembers of his past life.

Maia, my wolf dog, has told me she is coming back. She said she wants to come home. Maia told me the name of the woman that will have her, how Maia (to be a male) will look, and gave me other clues that have come true. I will meet the puppy in a few weeks. But all the details do not match. Time and consciousness are the details that confuse me the most.

Remember when Maia’s spirit said she was “stuck in a dark place”? I was sick over this for days. “How” I respectfully asked, “can this happen to a being who found herself first in a beautiful part of heaven?” It reminded me of being a teenager and ending up in bad section of NY City. The date of when Maia found herself stuck matches the date that her spirit, if reincarnated, would have entered the womb of her new birth mother. If this was so, why was Maia not conscious of this?

I find myself asking and making assumptions about how reincarnation actually works. I have come to believe that each of our lives holds a consciousness in heaven.

One dog told me, “Our lives in heaven are like memories that are conscious.”

There are different fragments of our soul and those fragments break off or stretch to another life in body.

Young lives, I am told, do not become conscious of their past lives until they learn to live in their new bodies and their minds are developed, and they begin to look at the world outside of themselves. Only then can remember and integrate past lessons and lives.

I imagine the goal is to have our entire fragments join together. I have always believed that we reincarnate to become more conscious, more aware, better listeners, better communicators, more loving and accepting of others, and mostly to realize our gifts and to help not only ourselves but others as well.

I believe whole-heartedly in my abilities. Though I am going to need hard-core facts to believe that Maia is actually in the puppy I found. I have help. Makia, my all white cat, said firmly to me, “Mom, I don’t want another animal in this house.” I answered, “But Makia, what if it is Maia? We can’t not take Maia back.”

Makia looked me dead in the eye and said, “I will meet that puppy and if I say it is Maia it can stay. If it is not Maia it will have to leave.” And then she turned her back on me and walked out of the room.


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Juju has passed away.  “You can tell my kid that heaven took me for wild flying ride and that I am an adventure story.  Seriously, you can tell him that I am now reborn and that now three little ladies love me.  Tell him that sometimes it appears that the world ends but it is really just takes a sharp turn.”

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The Return of Banshee

by Donna C. (Cobi & Beemer’s Person)

For those of you who are curious about reincarnation in dogs I am passing along revelations from my recent experiences with Laura……….

Banshee, my dear friend’s 7 year old black tri aussie, passed away unexpectedly this past March.  Banshee was an amazing dog.  She was the only dog born from her mother, Molly’s, first breeding.  No, there were no others that were stillborn, she was THE only puppy.  Banshee, however, possessed all the talent, personalities and craziness of an entire litter, within her strong, agile body.   During her lifetime she became an agility champion and produced many champion show dogs, agility, service, therapy dogs and wonderful pets.

About a month after her passing I brought a picture to Laura and asked if she could contact Banshee.  The first thing Banshee said was to tell her owner that she did not get sick from being attacked by a wild animal (something her owner suspected, but that I did not share with Laura).  She said that it was her time to go because she had other work she needed to do and that was to help other dogs who did not have all their legs working.  She said that there is a little handmade blanket on the bed and that when her owner holds that blanket she will be holding Banshee.  Finally, she said one of her daughters who looks like her will now be in charge of the other dogs.

I called my friend and told her what Laura said.  Sure enough, there is a little handmade baby blanket that Banshee slept with on the bed in the master bedroom.  Banshee would not let any of the other dogs on the bed, but since she has passed, her daughter, May, who looks like Banshee, now sleeps on the bed and has assumed the alpha dog role.  I asked her if she knew any dogs with leg trouble and she said there is a dog with 3 legs they do agility with, but that Banshee didn’t really know that dog.  Banshee is a service dog, so it is in her nature to be helpful to others.  My friend was happy to know that Banshee was not attacked and that she is doing something helpful.

The following month I came back to Laura with my dog.  He had torn his ACL and was facing surgery the following day.  He was very depressed and upset about spending another summer laid up, as we had just been through this procedure with his other leg exactly a year earlier.  After his surgery we went back to see Laura and my dog told Laura that Banshee has been with him though his entire ordeal and that when he is feeling weak and discouraged Banshee gives him strength to get through it.  My dog has had an amazing recovery and is weeks ahead of schedule from this time last year.  A few weeks later my dog said he still sees Banshee and she told him she is ready to come back, maybe this time as a silver colored dog.

Banshee’s daughter, May, produced a litter of pups on July 5th.  I was going to see Laura to check in on my dog’s progress and asked my friend if there was anything she wanted me to ask on her behalf.  She said that the Ski Patrol at one of the resorts in Colorado has requested a puppy from this litter and said to ask which one, if any, would be the best candidate.  I never really got around to asking that question.  Instead, I asked, since Banshee said she was ready to come back, if there was any chance that she may be in this litter just born.   It took what seemed like a long time for Laura to answer, but when she did, in a rather confused sounding voice, she said that there is a black tri male with a white right paw and on it’s behind, not where the tail is there is a crescent moon shape.  I said, that doesn’t make sense because Banshee wanted to be a silver colored dog.  Banshee said that this dog has a much stronger more powerful body and she is happier there.   I asked if that is because she is going to be the dog to go to the Ski Patrol.  She said she wasn’t telling because it’s going to be a big surprise.

Thoroughly convinced Banshee was in this new litter and destined for the Ski Patrol I anxiously called my friend.   I didn’t tell her I asked about Banshee.  When my friend said there was no pup fitting the description Laura gave my heart sank in disbelief – Laura is never wrong!  My friend cautiously asked why I wanted to know.  I told her Banshee said this is how she is coming back and that it will be a surprise.  My friend said, wow, this explains a lot……..

Banshee has a daughter they call “Cue”.  Cue’s name is “Behind the 8-Ball” because when she was a puppy she had two white spots on her hips near her rear that if you looked at them together they looked like an 8 Ball.  As she matured and filled out the spots grew apart and turned into little crescent moons.  This very unusual marking was considered overmarking for a black tri so the dog was not able to compete in the show ring but demonstrated an amazing talent for herding.   Cue got certified in herding in record time.  She loved it and was being prepped to compete in a huge competition.  About two weeks before the competition Cue shut down and would not cooperate.  She was suddenly no longer interested in herding.  Her personality began to change so much that both my friend and Cue’s owner said she was not the same dog.  In fact, they both commented that if they “didn’t know better” they would swear it was Banshee!  I said, but Laura said it is a male.  My friend said that Cue is very strong and powerful, and not at all feminine.

When my friend called Cue’s owner to pass along this information she asked how Cue was doing.  Her  owner said that she was trying to find something else for Cue to do since she was no longer interested in herding.  Cue had very limited agility training on a few obstacles, but not on a course. Her owner put her on a course to see if she would like to try training for agility.  With little to no direction Cue did the course perfectly, even the difficult obstacles– Surprise!!!

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