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seattles radio * movin 92.5 * ladies room 6-10 am PDT
seattle radio * movin 92.5 * ladies room 6-10 am PDT

Monte's dog "Chewy Chew Chew"
Monti's dog "Chewy Chew Chew"

Last week I did my first my radio show.  Brooke & Monti had me on their show “The Ladies Room” on Seattle’s Movin 92.5  I loved the ladies!  They are fun & upbeat.  Brooke claims to be a skeptic and Monti was more open.   I am not quite sure what they thought of me and of what Monti’s dog had to say.  None the less, it was great fun.

For all my Seattle fans check them out on 92.5 from 6-10am PDT and for all my fans that are by their computer you can hear their show streaming live on the Movin 92.5 website click here .

Here is what Monti’s Dog Chewy Chew Chew had to say, “I am so excited I get to be on the show!  I have some good advice for all the ladies.  I have noticed that when women are not feeling good about themselves they should take a bath and make sure they are really clean and they should wear clean clothes.  That will give them better self-esteem.  Woman should always feel beautiful.”

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