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Radio – Communicating With Your Pets – Steven Diamond

Listen To Me On Steve Diamond’s Stop Stressing Now Radio Show!

Steve Diamond - Stop Stressing Now Radio Program

I talks about my work on Steve Diamond’s Stop Stressing Now Blog Talk Radio Program.

Three people call in to talk about how I have helped them with their pets. (Thank you Kim, Stephanie, and Jim.) Hear what a cat tells me about his eye sight, a horse talks about after his owner dies and what another cat thinks about the people that work in the office. Learn if animals ever lie and how I hear the animals?

Please make comments and let Steve and I know what you think!

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Laura Stinchfield – Pet Psychic on Steve Diamond by PetPsychic

Please take the time and visit Steve Diamonds Website.  His programs are all inspirational. click here for his site

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2 thoughts on “Radio – Communicating With Your Pets – Steven Diamond”

  1. I love what you do, and hearing you on the radio, That was fun, Your are the greatest. Keep the Newsletters coming,,Hugs EG

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