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Denver was 7 years old at the time of our session. His behavior at times can be difficult to handle. He was really cute to talk with because he didn’t want to be attached to his aggression. He really wanted to be thought of as a good boy. Genetics and breed can play a big part in behavior. It’s up to us to understand this and help our animals to be their best selves. We have to nurture their innocent side but also instill serious boundaries and training when they are off course. Denver says, “When you said I am being mean to my sister (other dog in the house) and the fun police (His doggie sister Lacie called him this). I got depressed. because I am fun all the time. I don’t have a problem with her. … I want to learn a new trick, I am going to learn the weave in and out of dad’s legs. Can learn that one? … I have an idea to tell you something. When I hear you talk about us and telling me that my dad is going to be the boss of me, I wonder something? Does he know that am his baby boy…When I am barking at the neighbor, I feel bad. I feel bad in myself. It feels like not me.

Maybe they should give me chunks of cheese to get my attention. I love cheese. That would be work.”

Denver’s mom wrote this after our session: We are so grateful for our session with Laura! We are full of questions about our pup Denver and we were surprised to learn that for a big huge dog, he wanted to learn how to weave between my husband’s legs! 😀 We also found him to be very open about his feelings and what we can do to help him with his troubles-including how to get his attention with chunks of cheese (his words!). Can’t wait to see what the next session will bring!

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