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This is Rocky. He died at age 14 in 2017. He says from Heaven, “You know what I want to tell my mom is that she sometimes she calls out

for me and I come rushing but it takes me a little while. It’s been a little while because I have been exploring. You know that place that has the big round hill and there are trees on top of the hill and then it goes down to this water place? I go there a lot and also Marty (deceased best dog friend) is

here with me too and Marty wants you to know that he found the grandpa right away.”

Rocky’s person writes after our session: So amazing, I was just at the place he refers to with hills and water this morning. I had the most comforting, accurate reading from Laura. I had suspected my dog was reincarnated in my friend’s dog and sounds like our suspicions could be on point. I was incredibly impressed by her gift!

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