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Finn 2.5 years old


Finn says,

“I poop outside the litter-box because it is the best place to go.

I dont like balancing on the litter when I have to go poop because it bothers the right side of my stomach and groin. 

I get a feeling like it is pushing my belly. 

I know everyone has told me it is gross, but I have to do it on the floor. 

I do it in the same place so that it is not a surprise to anyone else. 

I need moist food and I need some type of food that makes it a little easier on me.  Pooping is hard on me.  It is really hard on me.”

There are many reasons why animals poop outside the box.  This is one.  Finn needs his food changed to a higher quality cat food with no grains, corn or sugar.

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