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moka_mexican%20hairless.jpgMoka says,”Since my new mom rescued me, I’m the happiest hairless dog in the world. My mom, two grandma’s, family members, as well as extended family all spoil me rotten!!! I’ve never been surrounded with so much Love, compassion, Toy’s, Food, Clothes, most of all attention!I get to go for nice long walks in Ojai Valley and everyone always wants to touch me, because I’m so unusual. I get exspecially scared when a child moves to quickly towards me.My mom takes me almost every were she goes (that’s if they let me in) You know some people don’t like dog’s or cat’s so I respect that choice. Other wise I am sooooo HAPPY!. P.S. I love it when my mommy takes my pictures, and I always talk to her and say I love you!”

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