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House Sitting

Storm Bean & Luca Hang Out In The Office

My animal family and I have temporarily moved into the house of a good friend of mine while she resides in Washington for two months. We are overwhelmed with her kindness and her generosity. Here my animals briefly share their experiences of our new living situation, and send Tita a little message.

Stormy (Aussie Dog): “This place has magic around every corner, and when you are tired you sleep very well. The air is clean, and there are rivers and ponds everywhere. I smell the moist earth, and I remember the land from when I was young (the New York countryside). Tita, when you come back, I will give you a big hug because this is the nicest thing anyone has ever done for us.”

Makia (pure white cat): “Just being here for a few days make me feel younger. When I am outside, I feel like an animal because it is so wild, but when I am inside, I feel like God cares about me more because there is so much love in the house. This house has a long history of love. It is easier to be friends with Serafina here because there is so much to look at and the air is fresher. Mom says I have to worry about a bobcat, and I want to make sure he is nice to us. Tita, you have so many beautiful things. I promise I am not jumping up and knocking anything over. I am being very careful. Your ghost friend says that you would giggle if you saw us all in this house.”

Serafina (beautiful gray cat): “This place is really amazing. I have learned to go up and down stairs, and I am getting quick at it. Every window has a pretty view. You don’t always have to go outside to be in nature. We went for a long walk, and I never have experienced so many fresh-smelling plants and big trees. At nighttime, I am really tired. We drive in a car to get to the other side of the property to mom’s new office. When we get there, all of us animals are together in one room, and Mom loves it because it used to house horses and Mom loves horses.”

Bean (black Bunny):  “I am not as happy in my space because it has so many windows, it feels like I can get eaten. So Mom says she is going to move me where there are little windows, and I feel better about that. I am literally in the middle of an oak forest. Mom says I am safe and that I have the best spot in the house, but I don’t like it. I love mom’s new office. There I can run around and smell the outside. It is perfect for a bunny. Thank you, Tita, for letting Mom work at such a beautiful place. She is happier.”

Luca (poodle puppy):  “Mom doesn’t even realize that I smell more things here than I have my whole life. This house is really cool because I can run around it and up the stairs and feel like I got a little walk. Also, the outside, it’s sort of like a combination of a green park, a forest, an ocean smell, a pond, and a river. There is a big statue here of the Buddha that I bark at sometimes, and Mom says, “Luca, use your brain.” And I say that statue is really alive because he looked at me once and his eyes turned golden. Mom says she wonders if there is a ghost here, because sometimes things are missing; I saw the man ghost pick up toys and put them away. Tita, thank you for your love of us. We want you to know that your love of this property, and for others, is coming into our hearts.”

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1 thought on “House Sitting”

  1. Aww, too sweet. I hope you guys get to move out there soon, it sounds like a wonderful place. Have you made any progress in figuring out what you’d like to live in?

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