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Izzy Is So Smart!


Izzy the cat says about the exotic animal incident in Ohio and Vegas Exotics,

“That man has a sickness, but how is that situation different than the white tigers and the dolphins in Vegas? I think the animals are equally unhappy.  Yes, I do. Who would want a lot of people staring at you when you should be running in the wilderness or swimming in the sea?  Its a trick people play teaching the animals to think they are happy.”

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4 thoughts on “Izzy”

  1. Hello laura.my name is lori and i had to put my 5 year old cat to sleep four weeks ago due to fatty liver desiease.she stopped eating that weekend and i tried to help her by force feeding her.she threw up everything i gave her,including water.i want to know what made her sick,what did she do that made her stop eating?is my moonshadow ok?her sister and i love and miss her so very much and my heart is broken

    1. oh lori I am so sorry to hear about your moonshadow. If they die surrounded by love they are usually ok. Do you feel her around you at all. very often they come around to let you know they are ok. If you would like to talk with her you could order a session or call into the radio show. all the information to do both of those are on the website.
      sending you all my best and light to help you see her when she is around you.

  2. Oh laura i feel her with me alot and i live in north dakota and i lost my job because of the uncompassionate people around me who didnt understand my pain.i hated putting my baby to sleep and i dont have any money.i dont know what made her sick in the first place and my world came to a end when she left me after i begged her not to leave me.

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