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This is Jake when he was 11 years old back in 2019. At the time his sister Vannie had just passed away. He said, ““I think my food has changed since Vannie died because I have been really upset to my stomach. It’s like I get nausea alot.I get upset with her being gone because she was beautiful to look at and she was my best friend… Do you think a new dog will help me? And that dog will be my friend? I feel like it will help because I am lonely alone…I want to go on outings. I love my family and I want to get the puppy now. I want to explore more.”

His mom wrote after our session: This was our second session with Laura. We lost Vannie,Jake’s best friend and our fur baby girl a little over two months ago very suddenly after surgery. Jake was having a very hard time dealing with her loss. He was a completely different little guy. He was afraid and always anxious. He didn’t want to be left alone. He was anxious in the car . He was worried he was sick.on the inside. His tummy was hurting from stress and nerves. After our session , Jake was so much better.he was calmer, happier and more like himself. We knew he was having a hard time. We didn’t realize the extent of his grieving and fear. Laura helped all.of us with Jake’s session. She told him he was safe, healthy and getting a new friend . We are forever grateful for Laura’s help with Jake and helping him with his grief. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Your gift is amazing

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