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This is Loki. He died in 2019 at five years old. He says from Heaven, “’Mom, I am not scared. I feel whole. When I was sick, I felt like I was really scared but I am not anymore. Do you know that I am looking to come back in another, but I am worried I might I have to be a girl and I little more red because there is a girl around and I was told I could have her body?’

‘I still feel that sometimes what happens is I push the door open and I run into the house and I jump my arms up to my mom and I kiss her, and I tell her I am joyful.’

His person writes after the session: 

When I lost my baby Loki it was the most painful thing in the world. Laura, with her incredible gift, was the only person that was able to help with this deep pain and offered us the most incredible experience of our life. Loki was the smartest, kindest, loyal, stubborn, protective ‘people’ ever. He helped me rehabilitate a lot of rescues, gently cared for everything and everyone, used to open all doors and gates and nothing stopped him if he wanted to do something. He would put his paws on your shoulders and give you a kiss and daddy would ask him if he wanted to dance. Then he got sick and I would have done anything to get him better..After we first got him, I found an add online, with a warning not to get puppies from this certain breeder because all of them have genetic liver issues and they pass away by the age of 5, I didn’t think it would be us too. 6 days after Loki passed away, he came into my mom’s dream, gave her a kiss and then she immediately woke up.After I first spoke to Laura, we started looking for a red doberman girl and we could not find one, nobody answered our calls or messages until one day, we founds a girl that was ‘a little more red’, not all red, that a family couldn’t keep due to some unexpected work assignment. They described her as stubborn and she didn’t play at all, although there was another very playful dog in the household. We got her and on the long drive home there was a moment when it felt like the universe downloaded a completely new personality into our puppy, full of happiness and love and hugs and kisses. When she got home, she already knew the place, where the food was, where the water was and she has been the happiest puppy, playing non stop ever since. She is the same exact dog( except gender and color), we didn’t have to teach her anything because she already knows everything Loki used to know. We named her Luna Love and she started opening all doors just like Loki at around 12 weeks old when she could barely reach the door handles. We have 2 more rescues and they do not open doors, so she didn’t learn that from them. Luna interracts the same with the other dogs, they all eat together from the first day, she walks the same, holds her right ear to the back just like Loki, she loves fruits just like him, she even smells as good and stays all clean, she never needs a bath just like Loki, and momma is allergic to all dogs except Loki and now Luna. It feels like he has only been away for 3 weeks. I wonder if my other 2 dogs know it’s him? One day we were outside and my husband said if Luna jumps into the hammock, like Loki used to do, it’s definitely him. Few seconds later she came and jumped right into the hammock, even though she was very busy playing. How amazing is this and how amazing is Laura’s gift and how amazing that she shares all this with us, I am forever grateful for finding her. It’s been over 6 months and I couldn’t write about this without crying, and I still cry everyday, because I wish my baby didn’t get sick and suffer and that he wasn’t scared. I am forever grateful for him coming back as momma’s beautiful princess Luna Love. Laura was spot on on her readings, even the wording was exact, from Loki ‘ dancing” like his daddy used to tell him, to my husband forgetting her name several times and to the conversation about the tail knocking drinks from the table and Loki not wanting to come back as a human baby because he doesn’t want to behave( he never did) and he just wants to play ball.Thank you Laura, this was indeed the most amazing experience that really changed the way we see life, and death… and definitely understand our fur babies better.

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