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LA Conscious Life Animal Communication Panel

Speaking on the Panel at the Conscious Life Expo
Oct. 2012


It was great being with everyone on the Panel. Thank you Lori Spagna for setting it up!

People On The Panel:

Myself 🙂

Lori Spagna a Lightworker, Visionary, Intuitive, Animal Communicator, Energy Healer and Canine Behavioral Expert. She facilitates a 2-way dialogue with animals and trains other professionals in the animal services community.  She also provides DNA activations and teaches about manifestation and healing in preparation for The Shift.

Dr. Laurie Moore, licensed therapist (LMFT), certified hypnotherapist (CHT) has assisted people and animals to transform their lives, awaken to universal love, and communicate in evolved and fulfilling ways. She has appeared on CNN, Fox News Live, O’Reilly Factor, NBC and many others.

Dr Richard Palmquist practices integrative veterinary medicine at his AAHA accredited small animal practice in Inglewood, CA. He is an author, president of the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Foundation and a blogger for Huffington Post.

Dr. Audra Sykes MacCorkle DVM, MRCVS, is a Veterinarian with extensive knowledge from top schools and mentors in alternative healing therapies. She founded Healing Touch Veterinary Wellness Center in Sherman Oaks, CA and offers a specialized approach to holistic care for animals.

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