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Laura’s Animals On Love

What Is Love?

It’s Good for Everybody


I ask my animals, “What is love?” Here are their responses:


Storm King, my 12 year-old Aussie, says,

“Love is when a human notices an animal is suffering and does something to make the animal happy. Like telling them how wonderful, smart, and brave they are. It is important to help relieve their physical suffering but also give words/feelings of encouragement.”


Serafina, my gray cat, says, “Love is when everyone learns to communicate with each other in way that helps make a relationship strong. Love is knowing that when there is a problem, you are probably a part of the problem too. Love is learning to let go of angry feelings in order to feel better. Love is also family.”

Luca, my 1.5-year-old poodle puppy, says,  “Love is learning to play and enjoy every moment with no fear of your surroundings. Love is feeling safe with your caregivers. Love is being snuggled in the nighttime.”

Makia, my pure white cat, says, “Love is noticing when your animal is sick and taking the time to go to the doctor. Love is knowing that whatever your diagnosis is, you have friends and family that will help you through it. Love is easy if you let go of resistance.”

Bean, my black bunny, says, “Love is knowing that you will always eat healthy and have a big area to live in. Love is knowing that when you are scared your person will make sure that you know how to be brave. Love is treats in a box. Love is carrot tops; and love for animals is not eating rabbit meat because it is cruel. Tell everyone that.”


Maia, my wolf dog in heaven, says, “Love is a stream of consciousness. If you connect into that stream and anchor yourself to it you will always be protected. Love is following what is true. Love is being honest about what you can or cannot do, and love is believing in yourself to accomplish what others may think is impossible. When you love an animal or person fully it helps them reside in the stream of love. Heaven has many different dimensions. Love runs through all of them. The highest dimension is pure love. I reside there.”


Joey, my cat in heaven, says, “Love is respecting your body, mind, and spirit. Pure love is to believe in yourself and then having discipline to rise to your fullest potential. When you believe in yourself and rise to your fullest potential then the stream of love flows so strongly that you have the power to change the world. The stream of love will carry you where you need to be. In purity, discipline and love are the same. People and animals who reside in love not only want to relieve themselves of suffering but they also desire to relieve others of their suffering. You must take care of your body, your mind, and your spirit. I am with Maia in love. Here we shine the essence of love to our family on earth. We help others to reside in love.”


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6 thoughts on “Laura’s Animals On Love”

  1. I feel love when I do rounds on the farm, all the horses look over to me, some come up for a scratch. I like to call their names out as I am walking by and give them a look see . They signal to me that they heard their name. I feel good . I also watch my mare, she watches me from her window as I check everybody. I think that makes her happy too.!

  2. Humans could learn so much from animals if they would just open their hearts and minds! Love is truly what we all strive for and is what makes us all one with the Universe! I have 7 cats and 2 dogs and hope that someday I will be able to fully communicate with them. I truly admire Laura and all that she does and her website is so full of Love and so uplifting that you can’t help but feel good after visiting it!! Thank you so much Laura and keep those inspirational emails coming, LOVE them!!



  4. Alene LaDelle Brown

    I really love hearing what your animals tell you. Just wish I could communicate better. I do believe that Sonny, the older black kitty, shares his love when he sits next to me and places is paw on my thigh. Or maybe just asking for a scratch behind the ear.

    Then Buddy decides its “his turn” and jumps on my lap and demands a little attention.

    I always look forward to reading your blogs and have been waiting to hear. Its been awhile.

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