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Lily's Last Picture

Lily was 4 years old when she dies.  She says from heaven,

“I would like to come back to my mom because I feel like my mom and I are a big part of each-other and I feel like life is fun. I was not old and hurting and ready to go. The old lady said to me not to worry that there are many lessons that people need to learn and I am helping them learn the lessons. The vet and the vet techs needed to learn a lesson.”

Lily sadly died during a routine teeth cleaning.  The old lady she mentioned is a woman that met her Lily the other side.  This could either be an either an ancestor of Lily’s human family or an angel of some sorts.  Often when a being passes there is some lesson to be learned.  Perhaps the animal hospital had to learn a lesson or a vet tech needed to experience death for the first time, the list of lessons is endless.  Lily in heaven may or may not learn why exactly she had to pass early.  The longer our spirit resides in heaven or on the other side the more knowledge comes to us.  Perhaps she will know in time.  She also can come back.  Just like she says.

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