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This is Lola. She died at eleven years old. She came to her mom in the middle of the night and then went downstairs, fell asleep, and passed away. Her person petted her when she came to her, but did not wake up to be with her, because she had no idea she was dying. Her person felt guilty about not being with Lola at her actual time of death. 

Lola says from Heaven about her death, “I want to tell my mom that when died I felt this feeling of joy that rose up in me slowly. I had been feeling really nauseous and queasy where I couldn’t get relief from it. I laid down. I was scared because I could feel my heart beating fast, and it felt like it hurt me all over, and then I felt this feeling of joy. It was distant at first and then it rose up and it encompassed me. I felt this amazing feeling of love and then I was in the house running around, but I was young and the kids were playing with me, and you were clapping your hands. I felt so free and I loved our family life. I loved it…when I got to heaven, I saw your beautiful face and I could hear you talking with me and hugging me, and I felt how much I was loved. I felt how much I was loved by you and the kids, and the family, and I felt happy that I spent my life with you. Mom, we had so many good times.”

This is a very common story. That the suffering of death is all of sudden replaced with this almost indescribable feeling of love. Oftentimes, people are upset that they were not with their animal at the time of their passing, but Spirit has this amazing way of placing us with our animals in Spirit. Lola’s experience was that her mom was there. Because in life, her mom was there every step of the way. Like I have said, in previous posts, there is a part of us on the other side that can interact with our animals, but also they can live in memories as if it is present time. It is the love we give our animals in life that matters the most at the time of their death. I feel that is true for all of us. Sometimes the animals from Heaven tell us their pain before they died. It can be hard to hear. I think they do this to be real and to tell their people the truth of how they felt. Sometimes they say it because they know that in life their people wanted to know so badly exactly how they felt, so they share it once they have passed. But they are not connected to it. Once they are passed, they have let it go, and are only connected to love.

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