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Lucky Is Feeling Better


Lucy says, “I have been feeling so good that I have been playing the run around crazy game with my mom.  Do you want to play it with me?  I can’t wait till Jessie comes home from college then her and her friends can play it with me too.”

Every two weeks I trade with Lucky’s mom.  I do energy work and TTouch on Lucky and his mom does tuning fork / nutritional healing on myself and my animals.  We have been doing this for about 8 years.  Lucky started to get thin, his body started to feel more sore and he wasn’t playing like he used to.  I worked on him, his mom found a new tone, increased his food, and put him on some herbs.  Now Lucky is doing great! He has gained weight, his body feels good, and he is playing “the run around crazy game” for the first time in years.

Why am I telling you this?  Just because your animal is older and exhibiting signs of age does not mean they can not get better.  Do Not give up in finding something that will make them feel better!  When I search for the right supplement or the right treatment I am amazed about how much life and energy my animals can come up with.  Do not get stuck in the feeling that “this is the way it is”.  Yes, older animals do suffer, but they can also find joy and have moments of enjoying a pain free body.

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