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Lukka and the wind


During a phone consultation where I speak to pets at a distance, Lukka’s person wanted to know why she barks so much.

When I asked Lukka she answered,

“I have supersonic hearing and I can hear the wind echoing in the walls. The wind speaks to me. It says ‘Lukka you are a rambunctious dog. Lukka come outside and play with me.’ and then when I go outside the wind teases me.”

Then I said, “Lukka, the wind speaking to you may be just your imagination,”

Lukka then replied, “You don’t think the wind speaks to me? … Yeah but you are just a voice in my head.  Are you my imagination?”

Lukka has a good point.

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2 thoughts on “Lukka and the wind”

  1. Do you think that animals sense spirits as the wind? I say that because of what my little Vixen told you when she likened people to warm winds, or said that the people coming into the house for my mother’s funeral were like a cold wind. Perhaps Lukka is hearing spirits speaking to him who want to play!

    1. I believe voices in the wind can be many things. I feel that spirits often blow the wind to let us know they are present. Also I believe something greater than even our loved ones can use the wind, it can be our imaginations as well, or one can feel changes of energies in the environment. I am not sure exactly sure what it is for Lukka.

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