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Rocky Has A Home For Life


Rocky has recently been rescued.  He now has a home for life.

He talks about his new person, “I can love her like she is mine? I wanted that for me one day. I have seen women love on horses and I have wanted that. oh, I want that really bad. She is sweet to me. Can I have grain out of her hand? We can go riding. I like to go.”

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2 thoughts on “Rocky Has A Home For Life”

  1. This is so precious. I wish we could talk To my daughters first horse. My sister sold her, but I know he must miss my karina, they were so connected.

    1. HI Kim, We can talk to your daughters old horse if you would like. All I need is a photo. Since you are not the owner I do not think it is a good idea to talk about her life now but we could talk to her solely about her life with you and your daughter.

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