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Maia is back… Energy Flows Both Ways

My animal family and I have decided to keep the six-month-old poodle. His name is Luca, meaning light in Italian. It is hard to imagine that my Maia, a 115-pound wolf dog, would come back as a 30-pound poodle.

In the wilderness I am a bit worried that Luca is coyote/mountain lion bait, where Maia was my protector. When Maia was around we had certain rules around the house to keep the neighborhood safe from her unpredictable (for a mere human) behaviors. The dogs had to wait on the front porch until the hatch of the Jeep was up and I gave them a sign to run and enter the car, and when they got out of the car they were under strict orders to run across the driveway, across the front yard, and up to the front porch to wait for me. Stormy, my Aussie, is not aggressive, so since Maia’s passing I have been more lackadaisical about this rule with him. But Luca does it naturally, still following this routine with prompting from neither Storm nor I.

When I look at Luca out of the corner of my eye, I sometimes see Maia smiling. But I still miss my wolf-dog. I don’t know what I expected from reincarnation, but it is bittersweet to me. It is a wonder they can come back to us, but I wish they lived longer in their bodies.

I ask my animals, “What have you learned about reincarnation?”


Serafina, my youngest cat, says, “I learned that if you suffered in life, when you come back to life you can come back more playful and with no pain in your body from your past.”



Joey, my oldest cat, says, “When you come back you forget memories of your old life. It must be odd when others remember you, and you don’t.”


Makia, my whitest cat, says, “I learned that in heaven you can become more tame. I believe Maia did a lot of work in heaven to come back the way she did. I am proud of her, but I also miss her old self.”


Bean, my bunny, says, “Sometimes when Luca looks at me I see Maia. I remember being your bunny once before. I believe his memories of being Maia will come back to him slowly.”


Stormy, my 12-year-young Aussie says, “I have learned when you come back you have to start friendships all over but they grow faster. You have to learn to trust each other again. Maia learned how to be happy around people by watching me in her old life. She brought back that wisdom into her new life as Luca. I see my friendly eyes in Luca now.”


Luca, the new poodle, says, “I vaguely remember places and people and I greatly remember being agile. When I came to this family I instantly felt more smart and aware. If I lived with you before, I hope I remember. There is an angel around me that says that I will remember my old life and my life in heaven when I am a little older. They say I must have new experiences first. I feel special but I also feel young compared to the other animals in the house.”


Maia in heaven says, “Every moment the family enjoys Luca I feel more vibrant. Every time Luca learns something I too have more wisdom. There is a flow of energy between us. Right now it is mostly only directed one way. Luca’s experiences flow to me. It is too early to let my wisdom completely flow to him. I have been integrated with all my past lives. I remember them all. As Luca lives, my higher self becomes greater. Once he has a solid basis of learning and being an individual in the world, my life as Maia and all our past lives will integrate more with Luca in your world. Luca is me. I am Luca. This is our path toward enlightenment, awareness, and expansive consciousness.

“I do laugh when I see how he is not that familiar with the forest. Mom, do not worry. I will make sure he remembers to listen, smell, and see like a wolf. All things in time. I will be back even more.”

How strange and wonderful for us all. Maia stretched my awareness in her last life; it seems she is my greatest teacher in her new life as well.

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14 thoughts on “Maia is back… Energy Flows Both Ways”

  1. Oh this makes me sad and happy at the same time! I keep thinking about my boy, Tango, and how much I miss him and want him back. I have thought about how wonderful it would be to have him return to me in a new body, but I don’t know that I will ever stop missing my old boy. That’s the human side of me. . .

    My spirituality taught me that Tango IS me – that all my animals are me – not just aspects of me, but actually me. And in the greatest possible terms, we are all each other. So when I hear Maia say that I am Luca and Luca is me, I begin to glimpse the truth of that. Our individuality is unassailable, yet we are all truly one with each other. How about that concept for us to wrap our heads around?!

    Thanks to all of you for sharing!

    1. Catherine Sims

      Hi Laura,

      It is lovely to see that you have an earthly connection to your sweet Maia….and a very adorable one at that!

      I remember Bosco telling us that heaven feels like our love. I believe that Maia is having that experience too.

      Hugs, Catherine, Tom and Abby

  2. I so enjoyed your animals comments and experiences with Luca entering your home and family. I am glad he is staying and although there may be some ambivalence towards his incarnation, I think Maia from heaven is really wise and helpful and hopefully everyone will allow Luca his own expression in this new incarnation. It has to be a lot of pressure for the youngster and Maia sounds like a patient and compassionate teacher. Congratulations and thanks for the updates!

  3. How astonishing and wonderful! I love what Maia in heaven said. Already you are receiving the Wisdom of our souls’ being.

  4. May I ask how is it possible that a dog is reincarnated and in heaven at the same time?? I can`t understand that part…

  5. I’m not sure I understand the concept of reincarnation. If Luca is Maia and Maia is Luca, yet they are separate so energy can flow back and forth between them, does Maia’s spirit merge later to Luca so they are one?

  6. Sometimes, like today, when I read the stories of your animals communicating with you it makes me cry. I deeply love my animals. I lost 2 cats that I was very close to. They died far apart from each other but both helped me get through some hard times. One died in 1996 & his son in 2008 (one wk bf I retired). I swore then to never get another pet losing them was so hard. In 2010 a friend of mine in Bakersfield had an expecting cat. She started texting me pics and I fell hard. In the pics of the ocelot/tabby looking cat a cute little orange tabby would grab the camera and make her take a pic of him. I took them both. Sometimes I think they are the 2 that I lost. Love your articles.

  7. Congratulations on Luca! How old is he and how did he find you? He seems like such a bright little spirit.

  8. This brought a sense of peace as “my familiar” (Meiling) left me two years ago, ensuring that another beautiful soul was coming to take her place in our family. My connection to her was so profound that to this day the gratitude and the void are both palpable. I believe she is telling me things that I can’t hear, that she is orchestatrating events around Spirit (new cat) and your piece helps me with that knowledge. Thank you.

  9. I love your newsletters, Laura. Thanks for sharing these. They always brighten my day… So the one thing I don’t understand is how both Maia and Luca are able to communicate with you, as if they were separate entities, when Luca is a reincarnation of Maia. Wouldn’t Maia’s spirit be entirely in her reincarnated form? Aren’t they the same spirit? Please let us know how this works.

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