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The Stinchfield Pets’ New Year Resolutions:

Makia (white cat):  I want to become more peaceful within myself when I get angry with others.  It is a hard one because I want to place the blame on another cat, but really I am responsible for my feelings.  I also want to learn to tell the petsitter what I want with out trying too hard.

Storm King (Aussie):  I want to learn new tricks and I want to help people more.  It is hard because mom is really busy.  I need to get on her to-do list and in her calendar.  Last year I made two kid friends.  I have not seen them in awhile.  I want to see them again.  We all really love each other.

Joey (Oldest Cat):  I want to be better friends with the dogs.  I want to talk to them more about everything we have been through.  I am seeing Maia get old and I think that I am going to miss her when she dies and I want to know her more.  I want her to know that I think it is special that she is a wolf and she lives with three cats and a bunny.  She has been intense and at first I know she wanted to kill us, but it has been over 12 years that I have felt safe with her.  I think that is really special.

Maia (Wolf-dog): I feel pretty much at peace.  There is not much more I want to do with my life.  You talk to me sometimes about how I am more instinctual than most.  I would like to learn how to override that a bit more and be more conscious.  But I don’t want to work too hard at it.  I just want to notice my behavior more.  Mom, I think I need a ramp to get in the car.  It hurts even when you help me.

Serafina (Grey cat):  I want to become friends with Makia and have her tell me all the knowledge that she knows.  She is so smart I can tell.  I want to learn to share my food.  That is a hard one and Joey gets mad at me because I guard the food table.  I never had so much food.  I don’t know why I do it, because we always have food available.  I think it is because there was a time before here that I didn’t get food and I had worms.  It is silly because there is apart of me that knows better.  It must be what Maia is talking about.

Bean (Bunny):  This year I want to be free in the house.  I want to make sure I do not pee anywhere but my litterbox and stay away from wires.  I have been getting better when I am free, but I could be even better at it.  I want to learn that mom is not going to drop me when she puts me down.  I don’t have nightmares anymore of when I lived at that bad home and smelled cigarette smoke.  When someone who smokes walks by the house, I get scared.  I want that to go away.  I want to learn to use my mind in extraordinary ways.  My whole family practices that a lot.  I like the idea of playing with our minds and then teaching the others what we learn.  Mom says it is important to share what we learn because each of us will be good at something different and we all can learn from each other.  I love that idea.  I have such an amazing family.

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